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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eduardo denied permission by Arsenal to spend his recovery in Zagreb

By Aries

The secretary of the Croatian Football Federation, Zorislav Srebric, is in London where, together with the president of the federation, Vlatko Markovic, visited Eduardo in hospital.

According to Srebric, Eduardo is very positive and, significantly, is not at all depressed.

“I saw a lot of strength and optimism in him. There is no sign of depression. He is the one who is holding his family together with his optimism. I have seen all sorts of injuries and the change of behaviour they cause, but a faith like Eduardo has, I have never seen” said Srebric for Hrvatski Radio.

This is also confirmed by Eduardo’s wife Andrea who said that Eduardo was calmer than them:

“He was quite calm. We still have not recovered from it all, the entire family is in stress. He is perhaps calmer than we were. He immediately asked for his daughter Lorena”

Srebric did reveal that it was Eduardo’s wish to spend his recuperating period back home in Zagreb with Stanislav Peharc as his doctor. Arsenal however will not allow such a thing and Dudu will spend the 9 months of his recovery in London.

“It is understandable that Arsenal does not want to let him go just like that. The most important thing is that Eduardo stays where he will have optimal conditions to recover” said Srebric.

However the President of the Croatian Football Association Vlatko Markovic said Eduardo and his family will be guests of the Croatian football team at the European Championship in Austria and Switzerland.

“Let me say right away that he and his family will be our honourary guests in the Austrian camp”

In the meantime, Andrea’s parents Zvonko and Jadranka will now stay in London to take care of Lorena so Andrea could spend as much time with Eduardo as possible.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that he has a lot of support from not only his family but the whole of Croatia and North London and beyond. A loveable guy

Anonymous said...

I think that after a few months he should be given permission to stay in his country as this would make him feela lot better and actually aid his recovery period.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal will do what is best for him. I think the treatment and rehab stage of his recovery will be overseen by the Arsenal doctors, i think Colney is probably the best place to do all that. He will probably be allowed time off shortly during the process or after the 6 month mark to go back to Zagreb and recharge the batteries and soul

Anonymous said...

Plus he won't lose touch with the Arsenal family, and everyone in London is committed to helping him get back on his feet again.
I'm sure there will be time to spend in Croatia a la Van Persie style.

I have no doubt the Croatian national team medical staff could and would do a great job of rehabilitating Eduardo, but Arsenal want to monitor his progress closely, especially with such a serious injury.

It could also look like Arsenal are dumping their responsibility to help by allowing him to be treated elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can tell me the address to send him a get well card? I am from right across the world in Asia.

Anonymous said...

YOu can EMail him from There's a link there.

Anonymous said...

there's a link on this site too!