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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Arsenal placed amongst the top supported clubs in Europe

By Aries

Keith Edelman has been telling us that Arsenal’s fan base has been increasing tremendously in recent years and he did not mean only in the UK.

Although it is true that there is an extremely long queue for a season ticket at the Emirates (figures mentioned are that it is as large as 45,000) no one really knows how popular Arsenal is outside the British shores.

Well now we have an idea thanks to German sports Marketing agency SPORT+MARKT. They surveyed around 9,600 football fans in 16 European markets with an average of 600 respondents per country.

Arsenal have been placed fourth most popular in a list of 20 European clubs.They estimate that about 23 million people support Arsene Wenger’s young gunners.

One would have expected Manchester United to be at the top of the pile due to the traditionally large image coverage that it enjoys. But it is lying in third place with 32.8 million fans.

Chelsea (19.7 million) are in seventh and Liverpool (19.4 million) in eighth. Chelsea in particular has increased its fan base by over five times while Real Madrid has lost 11 per cent support but is nevertheless second overall with 45.9 million.

“Top of the pops” however is another Spanish club, Barcelona with 50.3 million.

The Top 20 Most Popular European Clubs

1.Barcelona CF
2.Real Madrid
3.Manchester United
4.Arsenal London
5.AC Milan
6.FC Bayern Munich
7.Chelsea FC
8.Liverpool FC
9.Juventus Turin
10.Zenit St. Petersburg
11.FC Spartak Moscow
12.Inter Milan
13.Olympique Lyonnais
14.Olympique Marseille
15.ZSKA Moscow
16.Wisla Kraków
17.Ajax Amsterdam
18.Galatasaray Istanbul
19.AS Roma
20.Werder Bremen

Although English clubs have a larger domestic fan base Spanish clubs attract far more supporters from outside their country. They are supported by an estimated 103.5 million across Europe while English clubs by an estimated 99.2 million.

Hartmut Zastrow, Executive Director of SPORT+MARKT estimates that concentrating on Europe might pay more dividends:

“there is a booming market of over 225 million football fans right on clubs’ doorsteps” he said.


Anonymous said...

And Spurs are nowhere!

Anonymous said...

Hey dudes,

I live in England but I am from Venezuela and whenever I go there on holiday one thing that I notice is that Arsenal has to be the 2nd or 3rd most supported team.

First is Barcelona, no doubt about that one, but Arsenal and Madrid are close in 2nd, then AC Milan, Man Utd and Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

In Nigeria my country I think Arsenal has a fan base of about 10 million out of the 140 million people in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

so this is just a European survey. it takes no account of USA or Asians fans right? If so, man u would be way above us. However, I believe Arsenal have more African fans than any other club. the question is, how much financially do fans from outside the UK offer Arsenal? Clearly TV money is huge but that is paid out regardless of popularity. it is done on league position. If Derby finised 3rd then they would take a bigger slice even though they have no fans.
Shirt sales are the obvious way of making money, though I fear that the counterfeit shirts abroad might not be adding to Arsenal's coffers as much as we hope.

Anonymous said...

Bloody plastics...

Anonymous said...

We are THE Arsenal. Who the hell are "Arsenal London"?

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember Benfica, the guiness world record club with more associates???? This study is rubish...

Anonymous said...

I am from mexico and Arsenal is very popular. prob because of Vela

Anonymous said...

I live in nancy.I'm Galatasaray fans. 50 billion fans of Galatasaray in turkey.

Galatasaray is very popular Sport club in France, Germany.

England knows Galatasaray from Arsenal and leeds matches.

Galatasaray must be at least fifth.

Anonymous said...

50 billion Gala fans in Turkey? With a world population of less than 7 billion?


Anonymous said...

yea, england certainly do know galatasary from the arsenal and leeds games; where your fans stabbed and killed fellow fans. one of the most hated i would say. noone likes or repects galatasary. scum!

Anonymous said...

ok then but tell me why are the scum liked so much in FRENCH speaking countries
maybe cos most of there players are frence?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Glasgow Celtic are one of the most supported teams in the world and their not even on this they have support in japan , korea , USA and all over europe . This study is a load of rubbish .

Anonymous said...

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