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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wenger: "Thanks Nastya for Hleb's resurgence"

By 1970’s Gooner

Alexander Hleb’s performances this season have been an absolute revelation.

His fantastic skills and energetic commitment have been one of the most important reasons why Arsenal are top of the League.

This wasn’t the case last season where his form was at the lowest ebb since he came to the club with a lot of fans voicing their dismay at his inept performances.

We told you on this site back in December when everyone was reveling, but also trying to fathom out the reason for his newfound rigour and fantastic effectiveness on the football pitch.

Now his manager has also recognized that “Behind every successful man there is a woman”.

And Hleb has revealed that Arsene Wenger has asked him to say thanks to his wife Nastya (Anastasia Kosenkova).

Hleb said: “He even told me to pass on his gratitude to my wife! He told me he knew how she had helped me to regain my confidence.

“I was completely surprised he thinks about such details.

"And he was right, my wife has helped me a lot. I married a year ago and since she came over to live with me, everything seems easier to me. I’m not totally happy with my performances. But I have started to believe in myself again.

“Every goal, every decent pass gives me new power. Then, I feel easy and free, as if I could fly.”

Her name is Anastasia Kosenkova (Nastya) and sings for the pop group “Topless”

Alexander said: “For a long time I’ve been looking for the girl of my dreams and I have finally found her. Nastya is a very nice and pure person.”

Hleb’s mother should be pleased because at the time of his move to Arsenal she said:

"He doesn't have a girlfriend - he's so obsessed with his career that he has no time. I hope he meets someone nice soon."

Well it seems he has and us Arsenal fans have a lot to thank her for as Alexander’s performances this season have been from another planet.

Let’s hope this is carried over into the Birmingham game which will give us a very significant eight point lead.


Anonymous said...

She seems to have had a more positive influence on him than some other pop-star marrying footballers! Let's hope she doesn't start encouraging him to seek pastures new for more money.

Anonymous said...

One thing I hate about this subject is that I have always rated Hleb and I think he was as good as any Arsenal player last season. He was let down by our forwards having very bad finishing.

Of course he is playing better but it is not an 180 degree turn, he was always fantastic. Some were just blind to see it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with goofle 100 percent. Perhaps this year many finally see how good he is because the whole team is doing better as a whole and indeed I think Hleb is playing better. He's more direct and incisive. But it's not some mysterious turnaround. He was always excellent. The challenge is to see a player is good before everyone already agrees he is. Now that's the greatness of Arsene Wenger.

Anonymous said...

Well said you other two, Hleb was fantastic last season, there was just a fan-movement against him. He was statistically placed in the top 10 Premiership players last season, and thoroughly deserved to be.

Anonymous said...

With a wife looking like that, of course he'll be re-invigorated!!

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Troop said...

Well said you other two, Hleb was fantastic last season, there was just a fan-movement against him. He was statistically placed in the top 10 Premiership players last season, and thoroughly deserved to be.

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