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Monday, February 25, 2008

Media, coaches and referees are to blame for career threatening tackles

By The Coach

Managers as well as referees in the UK bear the responsibility for this horrible event. Last but not least the Media.

I just can't believe they sugar down what happened by comments such as: Taylor is not a vicious or malicious player or Wenger apologised for his initial comments, and so on.

For Christ sake what we saw on television was almost a crime. There is no other word about it.

And it is an act that is not that rare on the football pitches in England. This physical play usually takes the form of hard, vicious and dangerously sliding tackles.

They usually but not always take both the ball and player. Yet referees usually are loath to punish them as they are all considered part of the game. Yes, they are part of the English game. But not so much in those countries where they play the beautiful game.

This approach is taken advantage by a lot of teams as a means of stopping the more creative sides and elegant players from unfolding their skills on the field.

Also the so called football commentators use accepted slogans such as “football is a man’s game”, “it is shoulder to shoulder”, “good physical presence” and “use of upper body strength”.

These are just some of the clich├ęs we hear almost every day.

Another one we hear very often, especially when they are commentating on games involving English teams abroad where there are foreign officials, is “that was never a foul”.

But this is the mentality that pervades throughout the football world in this country. It is embedded in the psyche of the nation.

Taylor executed the act (which of course he probably regrets now) but the moral instigators of this crime are football managers, referees and the media.

As long as the powers to be allow football skills to be countered with brutal force and feel that “it’s just one of those things that happen on the football field” then there will never be any hope for English football.

England will probably never be a world football power again


Anonymous said...

A lot of English players think that football is a mere extension of rugby!

Unknown said...

I'm wrote this after reading the Daily Telegraph last night:

This is just typical of an English Press. If this kind of foul was committed on Wayne Rooney the English Press would be in an uproar (You would all call for the banning of non English players).

This kind of injury was a long time coming. Remember Abou Diaby about two years ago, this is the second time in two years an Arsenal player have suffered such injury. Arsene is correct when he said that there is a notion out there that to defeat Arsenal is to kick Arsenal. The Manager of Birmingham state before the game that they would have to put steel to Arsenal and this is exactly what Matt Taylor did to Da Silva.

I don't think he intended to hurt the lad but when managers request of there player to be physical with another team, what do you expect to happen?

Sorry to say but this brand of Football is now close to Rugby. This is exactly why Jose Reyes left the Premiership because of the brutality.

As much as I love Arsenal I think I will now turn my attention to the Spanish league where they play real football not American Football.

The English Press is a joke, I hate to say this but the only why this will change in the Premiership is if Wayne Rooney or some other English boy is injury in such a manner.

The press should have show the injury from the moment Taylor leaped at Da Silva and tell me if he did not intend to put Steel to the Lad, like his Manager requested.

Anonymous said...

If you accidentally kill someone, you are still charged with manslughter. Just because it was an accident doesn't make it OK.

Wrighty7 said...

Spot on mate. It seems that English football still thinks its in the dark ages.

Football has moved on in the decades but the English mentality hasn't. This is why England struggle at international level.

We seem to find it difficult to grasp change, and we surely now after Dudu'd horrific injury we have to realise that football isn't all about being physical.

1979gooner said...

spot on,

McLeish was even saying that Taylor will need to be making more similar tackles in the future!


Anonymous said...

good post, totally agree. I can feel slightly (and i mean very slightly) sorry for Taylor. If all this support that he hasnt a malicious bone in his body etc etc, then this one time that his manager tells him to get stuck in, "let them know you there", and then he sees himself breaking another players leg, hopefully he will never lunge into a tackle like that for the rest of his career. From some comments i have read about him, thats not part of his game and when you have you managers voice in your head to get stuck in, this leads to the inevitable rash and dangerous tackle.

Anonymous said...

After the incident I went to the trouble and read the rules of the game on both the FIFA website and the rules and regulations on the FA site. There is even a picture that shows exactly the same tackle as an example of a reckless behaviour on the field and deserves a straight red. The FA then has an option to extend the penalty if they feel that the behaviour of the player was "serious foul play" and I quote
"A player is guilty of serious foul play if he uses excessive force or brutality against an opponent when challenging for the ball when it is in play.
Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force and endangering the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play."
Maybe all these writers and commentators who think that is no more then a yellow or a red was too harsh need to be fired as they know NOTHING about the game, the spirit it is intended to be played in, or have any morals generally associated with human beings.

Anonymous said...

It was clearly a horror challenge, and you can't feel anything but sympathy for Eduardo, however I disagree that a player's past behaviour and general temperament shouldn't be taken into account.
If a player who has done this sort of thing before does it again, then it is showing a reckless disrespect for the well being of his fellow pros.
If however, the offender has no previous history of ill temper, bad challenges or general malice then it should be taken into account.

Anonymous said...

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