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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kaka also complains of crunching tackles and is rated 50 50 for Arsenal

By 1970’s Gooner

“ I take too many hits” Kaka is reported to have said by the Italian sports paper La Gazzetta Dello Sport after the latest scare with his troublesome knee.

In an outburst against referees that comes right after the unfortunate Eduardo’s injury at Birmingham Kaka has complained that some of the tackles in Italy can be bone crunching.

"I am taking a lot of blows and I am not the only one. It’s something the referees should look out for”.

Kaka had to leave the field in last Sunday’s game against Palermo which Milan eventually won 2-1.

He had taken a blow on his left knee and is now rated as 50 50 to make it against Arsenal in the return leg of the Champions League game on Wednesday in Milan.

The story of Kakà and his left knee really originates from the start of the season when the initial injury is suspected to have occured. He had however carried on playing and so many games and so many battles against tough defenders have eventually taken their toll.

And in Florence, twenty days ago, the injury got worse.

“I have to stop, I can’t make it any more " kaka is reported to have said to some of his teammates after the game.

He duly took time out and returned for the League game against Parma but got injured again. He finally made it for the Champions League against Arsenal at the Emirates; but he was not at his best.

And now he is back to square one after the game at Palermo. "He took a blow that would have folded a normal person," said his coach Daniele Tognaccini.

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Anonymous said...

I would kind of prefer it if he played against us if he is half fit that is!

Anonymous said...

eduardo was fast becoming AW"s secret weapon.I believe strongly he was hurt so that the gunners title run will be weakened.
I just hope the rest of the gunner step and in the process galvanise the gunners.