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Monday, March 09, 2009

Arshavin critical of himself

By 1970’s Gooner

Andrey Arshavin has been speaking after Arsenal’s victory in the FA Cup over Burnley and has praised Arsenal’s dominance over the opponent as well as being critical of his own performance.

He considered the fact that Arsenal scored relatively early in the game (in the 24th minute) forced the opponent to play a bit more open than they would have liked.

“From the first minutes of the match we tried to dominate the game which we did. We scored the first goal early thus forcing the opponent to become more open”.

Speaking on his personal site he was particularly happy for providing the assist for Vela’s goal.

“Carlos coolly pushed the ball beyond the defender, ran away and scored.

From the side it seemed that everything was very easy.

In fact it was a piece of great individual skill and that's what I told him” he said.

However when he was asked to comment on his own performance he was not happy with it:

“No, I think that today I did not have a good game” he said.

Andrey was indeed a bit below his other performances as of late even though he should have been fitter for this game. His corners were poor and he tended to drift in and out of the game.

Yet he showed that he can track back and defend when needed and his passing was incisive and accurate.

It’s obvious of course that there’s a lot more to come from him especially when he gets more accustomed to his team mates and regains top fitness.

And that’s what he will be doing when the rest of the team go away on Tuesday to Rome.

“The team flies away on Tuesday but I'm not flying to Italy. I will prepare for the next game at home and I will work with a coach for physical training” he said.


TonytheGooner said...

Arshavin still played that first ball to Vela, and for the 2nd, he stopped the ball from going out of play, passing to song leading to Eduardo's goal. So he played a part. I think he did quite good apart from his putting every corner in the keepers hands. And the last 2 games have given me a new hope for this team. With eddie and theo back i'm actually excited about arsenal again. Song and eboue were very good too. Maybe they just need some confidence. Just read phil thompson on sky predicting 2-0 Roma win on Wednesday. Scouser prick. Come on Madrid! Anyway, I fancy our chances, I think we will win out there.

Anonymous said...

He will be an Arsenal legend. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

I just thought he was really average, didn't do anything badly, but certainly didn't excel in any way shape or form. I just hope he's still adapting as he'll quickly lose his place to Fab or Nasri or somebody who has already proven they can acheive great things in English football. I am severely not convinced by him yet but I'm sure that will change once he starts banging them in.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin is a good player but he need to relax & play his game.He should ignore who he was,try not to be over ambitious. He shuld player for the team not for hmself if he really want to achieve s'thng in Arsenal and for Arsenal.Mannix,kenya.

Anonymous said...

i think Aa23 just needs a goal for confidence and he will be creating goals and scoring them for fun!!
also i think he needs more time to learn ho the other players think, as he seems to be better than most of them tactically. I think he will combine really well with cesc nad van Persie


he was played out of position! He is not a winger in a 4-4-2 formation. He is supposed to be the second striker in a 4-4-2 or a winger in a 4-3-3 with less defensive duties.

Anonymous said...

His corner kicks weren't really good as they all gave the goal keeper an advantage apart from one corner kick.He is new and still trying to get the fitness and also getting used to the movement of his new team mates like Theo and Eduardo. We are still waiting for his first goal which shouldn't really take long considering his level of experience.

Anonymous said...

Almost all of the 1 on 1's (and the almost couldn't quite get there ahead of the keeper moments) were created by Arshavin. He did flit in and out of the game but almost every pass he plays is incisive and he sees things way before everyone else. The pass to Theo when he wasn't offside, the 1st time pass to Eboue in the first half. The pass to Theo when the keeper saved (I think) The pass to Vela that was only slightly over hit. All of them came from AA. I'd say as soon as he's fit and just a little more in sync you'll see something special. You'd be crazy to write off a player who has already created so much even going at half speed. It might take him another 5 games but I think we'll be luck enough to see him at or close to his best right at the tail end of the season, he's not far away now.

Anonymous said...

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