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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Do we need Adebayor?

By Sandy

The rumour mills have started early this year and yet AGAIN Adebayor is linked with a big money move away from the club with the most likely destination AGAIN being AC Milan.

The question is, if we get a large offer for the Togo International should we do our best to fend off the interested team or should we take the money and run?

I am not the biggest fan of Adebayor. When he is good he is awesome but when he is bad he is terrible and often misses the easiest of chances.

He had a very good season last year scoring a lot of goals and this season he has been hampered by injury but I still believe we could do with someone of better quality up front.

Adebayor is strong and wins headers something we can only really say about one other of our strikers, Bendtner but he is definitely not the solution as he is even more inconsistent than Adebayor.

Our other attackers are all small and skilful which is fantastic but we also need to complement them with a battering ram up front.

A player that provides strength, aerial power and gets stuck in.

The fact is that we would maybe miss not having Adebayor or someone like him to call upon.

There are not many players in world football in the mould of Adebayor at the moment.

Chelsea’s Drogba is a similar type player but more accomplished and this could largely be down to the age difference between the players.

But the real question is if we could take the money for Adebayor and get someone better to play the same type of role could we find him?

If we get a bid say of £35 million, which is the figure being mentioned in the press, I don’t think we can turn down an offer like that but who do we replace him with? I am struggling to come up with a name.

Two players I would love to see at Arsenal are David Villa and Aguero. Aguero is unlikely to be possible for anything less than the money we will receive for Adebayor whereas Villa is reluctant to leave Spain.

But even if we did get one of these players there is no doubt they are more skilful and better players than Adebayor but they won’t win the aerial battles for us.

There is then the likes of Santa Cruz who could play the role for us but that would almost certainly start a bidding war which would result in us probably being priced out of the market.

So there appears only to be one solution, sell Adebayor for £35 million, Wenger plucks another player from obscurity for £2 million who is in fact better than Adebayor and we spend the rest of the money, hopefully, on solidifying the centre of defence and maybe a defensive midfielder.

That way everyone wins and we hopefully win the league.


Anonymous said...

Give Bendtner a little time; he has more than Adebayor in his locker and is not far from finishing his wayward attempts. He'll be a good player for us I'm certain.

Anonymous said...

I personally believe that Bendtner will become a far superior player to Ade.

But I would not sign a like for like player, we do not need the physical power that an Adebayor would give us, we need strikers who can score. Too often we used Ade to play long balls, especially this season, when we would have been better playing football, liem we have done recently.

Does Adebayor fit into this Arshavin orientated team? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

There is no way we can get 35 millions for selling Ade...
i will take 15 millions pound and run away with the money...
but we need some one world class to replace,
Bentder is improving, but at the moment maybe as a squad player only...

AR said... long as we replace him with a 23-28yo striker.

Anonymous said...

Bendtner will be as big as Ibrahimovic by the end of next season, you watch. He has a great football brain and the forward play with him in the side is amazing. My view is that our best strike force is Bendtner with Eduardo. Adebayor makes the team look bad.

Anonymous said...

be content

A MAN said...

Bendtner and ade are the 2 worst players arsenal have ever had and the number of times bendtner has missed sitters is I believe 5000000000000000000000000000000000 times!

KingKolo said...

Adebayor has not been the same player he was the season before simply because he had his head turned over his transfer saga.

If he can ignore the transfer speculations and knuckle down on his football, he'll be great once again.

Lets not forget that the guy already has 12 goals to his name this season and if he hadn't been injured, would be on 20 goals by now.

He is a 20-25 goal a season striker if he concentrates on Arsenal. I would like to see him in an Arsenal shirt next season, to see how he gets on.

But if we have to sell him, i'll sell him to Barca in a swap deal for Eto'o. Eto's must be valued at around £15-£20m. We get £5m plus Eto'o for Adebayor. Job done

Anonymous said...

The solutions is to sell him while his value is still high and buy Edin Dzeko from wolfburg...He is million miles better and a goal scorer. Adebayor is never goner score goals or work hard for the team. His misses are why we have not won anything over last few seasons...Goodbye and get lost..Funnily we also dont miss fab weird isnt....Wenger now has to play fair and let everyone earns his right to play. Only walcott and defence to me are exceptional.

Anonymous said...

No matter what anyone says ade is an important player to the arsenal squad. Every team needs that up front figure to aim at. His strength and ariel ability is very good and is enough to cause any defence problems. He gives us the long ball option which arsenal rarely use but have to result to time to time.
Although I do agree he is off form. Ade is a confidence player, and as soon as he gets that you will see a lot more from him. I promise.
Keep the faith.

tolulope said...


Anonymous said...

U Ade haters, he is miles ahead of Bendtner. Bendtner is just not good enough. period.

Anonymous said...

NO we do not need AdelosedaballYor.

If bendtner is bad, Ade is 10x worse, Ok fine they are just as BAD, BUT bendtner get into much better positions and the past few games have shown that bendtner can pass, control and 1st touch is better than AdelosedaballYor. Ade had many chances to proof wat Bendtner has proven, Ade is a cheap version of drogba without the skills, ball control, finishing, passing and heading, which means Ade is only good for err.. Div 1.

AW thought he got a gem, same when he bought pascal cygan, oleg luzhny, wiltord, jeffers, jose reyes etc. Its just a failed signing. If Ade was fit to play for togo why didn't he get a start in newcastle. I think AW wants to flog him with a good price now. And that will be a smart move.


Anonymous said...

I dont think we Need adebayor, but if we get him back to form hes a great player who can contribute massively to the side
bendtner may become as good or even surpass ade, but atm an on-form adebayor is almost unplayable, whereas an on-form bendtner merely a good player

Anonymous said...

Arsenal do not need Adebayor.

He's lost his stomach for the game after getting his pay raise. He'll only raise his game in champs lge or against 'branded' oppositions so that he can increase his 'value' Just look at this season, Ade was all over during the 'big' games and went missing in the others.

I'll personally drive him to the airport and carry his bags too!

Anonymous said...

anon 1:42
luzhny was a good player before arsenal
reyes was actually really good when he played for us, he just never seemed to get credit for all the chances he made
and wiltord is an absolute legend! he was Vital to us winning the double, playing out of position but doing the business when it mattered

Anonymous said...

ade can get lost.

i bet that if a championship striker can get as many chances as ade did get, they'll score more than ade.

i dont think it's a big deal to lose him.

Mike.from.around.da.way said...








Love him or hate him. He's an Arsenal player. So please Respect that

Anonymous said...

no i wouldnt. well, at least for me.

how bad can a striker be when he got like 1 goal in 7-9 chances? convince me that he can that much without our fabregas.

i dont have anything against him, so i wish he can prove me wrong, soon.

Anonymous said...

I have watched every minute of evry Arsenal game this last two years and I can tell you Adebeyor is absolute rubbish. Only the arm chair match of the day viewers get fooled by his 30 goals last year. This guy missed far more than he scored.This year we haven,t created so many chances so he,s got 8 league goals in 22 matches and 3 of them were against Blackburn. We need a consistent creative goalscores not one that goes missing for two months at a time. He wil try and hind behind his injury but lets not forget this was only weeks not months. He is also disruptive, even when his not playing he or his agent gets him in the papers with some made claim that everyone wants him. We are a big club and shoud not tllerate the likes of him demining our club. Get him out fast. To those who still believe in him I would just say remember Wright and Henry then tell me this clown is good.

Anonymous said...


i missed the word "score" in my previous comment.

Anonymous said...

the guy got 30 goals last season and he has a bad spell now then evry1 turns on him
look at the assists he has this year and how well we play with him in the team
he is our target man
for me the answer is yes... we most certainly do need him
by the rate you lot are going at we wont hav a big enough squad to compete... selling our experienced players, whats football coming to???

Anonymous said...

and i forgot to add last year john terry and rio ferdinand were asked " who is the hardest attacker to play against?" both said " emmanual adebayor" not to mention fergie wanted him 2 years ago... i would love to see when he scores vs the spuds again and all of you fake arsenal supporters start chanting " adebayor adebayor give him the ball and he will score " after abusing him like this

Anonymous said...

I am not ashamed to admit that I have never rated Adebayor

Even last season, it was the hard work of Flamini and Hleb that allowed him so many chances to which he needed five just to score one

I wouldn't shed a tear if he left. Anyone threatening to leave after just two years at a club like ours when he won nothing with us, can go as far as I am concerned. He doesn't care about Arsenal, just his bank balance

He plays with no passion, he is lazy, he misses easy chances, he is injury prone. 35 million? I would take 20!

BennyGoonber said...

Adebayor doesn't look interested in playing for Arsenal. The one thing that i always liked about him was his workrate. He gave 110% for the case (even if his finishing per chance ratio wasn't great) and there is no doubting he is a handful.

These days he looks like he thinks hes Henry, his head has grown too big with his new big contract, that he wants the wages and without the workrate, no scratch that, without the interest!!

So to me, if he isn't working for the team then sell him, take the cash and run. If he is, then I'd be the first one to call "Adebayor, Adebayor, Give him the ball and he will score!!" and I'd fully expect that if he ups the workrate to his previous standards that the goals will come.

Now, if he has to go due to his lack of interest then I think in years to come Bendtner can be a better player than him. He's getting better with every game. He can be our "battering ram" (as someone mentioned in a previous post).

And with the cash we can buy another deadly finisher to scare opposing defenders. To me I think wantaway Real striker Huntelaar could be unbelievable for us and is available for about 18 mill as he was fallen out with Real. But wouldn't turn down; Villa (whos mentioned he likes our style of play), Eto'o (who is obviously an exceptional talent) or Aguero (if we could afford him) or even Pato (who under Arsene could develop into a absolute superstar).

Anonymous said...

>>>Do we need adebayor? NO. but he if we kept him then thats good also. Yes i agree that Bendtner can do the job (I'm a big fan) but when both on there game adebayor as of now is better. Maybe you could say thats down to age and experience but as of now he is better. Ade is stronger more physical than Bendtner, and has more pace, and better aerially. Bendtner has better balls control and is better passer. Finishing haven't seen enough to go with either. I as much as i like Ade if someone offered even 25mil i would sell him. Bendtner is more than capable and a run in the side will do him wonders. I wouldnt even replace Ade. We still got Eddie (goal scorer), van persie, vela, bendner all of which i know will always get double figures as strikers. not to mention walcott, nasri, roskicy, arshavin, fabregas who can all also contribute 20+ amongst themselves from midfield. We are very strong attacking wise. so for this no we dont need Ade. but keeping him will still do us good<<<

Vertino Aleci said...

Interesting, I was thinking of writing a similar post. I think it depends on how quickly Bendtner improves and whether Wenger has a decent enough player to replace Ade. We definitely need a target man fo sure. Ade hasn't scored as many this season but he has set up around 7-8 goals which is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I personally have never seen anything wrong with Ade's skills. He's just been lazy in his play and he just doesn't seem to care. I remember what a good player he was last year, and I can't believe that so many people would turn on him like this. I think AW should tell it to his face that he's not trying and that he has to earn his way in the squad. If his ego gets the better of him and he doesnt care, then let him go, we'll find a better player. Mabye even swap him for Eto'o. But if he really cares about this club he'll dedicate himself in the games ahead and we might see the Ade we all loved last year. He hasn't had the best attitude but give him, a chance.

Stav said...

Anything over 10m would do it for me. I would go as far as to say he was the main reason why we had such a poor start. We were playing nearly everything through him, unfortunately he couldnt even hold the ball up long enough to link any play let alone create goals for himself like Henry. We are a much better balnaced team now with more movement now Nasri and Arshavin are involved more. I also prefer to see Bendy play as a 'big man' if we want that option, he has more to his game than Ade. I know he has had his moments, but his goal ratio is the highest in the team this season, so imagine if he got his finishing together!

JG said...

£35m for Ade is a laugh, a tabloid invention. Wenger will take 20 though it would be good fun to fleece Man City for twice that if we could talk them into a deal.

Bendtner has made terrific progress since he started to play with Arshavin. He will be our big man for many years to come.

If Arsene can get either Mario Gomez or Eto'o over the summer(I suspect Milan will never sell Pato) Ade will go and so might RVP. Arsene will want to give Vela more playing time next year, I suspect.

TK - Bergen said...

last year Ade gave evertything for Arsenal, he ran for miles every games, but this year he is just plain lazy in some games. If he cann get his work etic back i loved to have in the team.

Adeyout said...

Like I said before seen every minute of every gme over past 2 years.I suspect all those supporting haven't.The fact is that we don't have any top strikers. RVP, Eduardo are good but not dangerous enough, Vila and Walcott could develop into great strikers but only time will tell. Then we come to the 2 clowns.Neither can control the ball quickly, neither has a good first touch or by instinct knows where the goal is,both have weak heading ability althouh Ihave to admit Bentner is improving with his even if it is the back of his head. The fact is that top players cost money and we have for the last2 seasons needed a top striker, we missed out on Torres even though we were his first choice,just think where we would be now if we had him.Instaed we have Ade and Bendtner. WE ARE A TOP EUROPEAN TEAM and should not be settling players of their quality.

Anonymous said...

People who want Ade to leave must be mad. Yeah okay, his not as good as last season, but he played a lot more games last season, u on his own so only he's get the goals and in front of a midfield of Hleb, Flamini, Cesc and Rosicky who were creating chances left right and centre.

This season he hasn't been up to as his level last season, but his still one of our main strikers, we wouldnt have won many games wihtout him this year including the Chelsea game. and he hasn't played against Man Utd yet or finished a game against Liverpool. Trust me when I say he will be vital towards the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

LOL the person who posted Eduardo - the most natural finisher since Ian Wright - was not "dangerous". You need to increase your medication!

Anonymous said...

Think about how close we were to the title last season. Now think about the chances Ade wasted in the first half away at old trafford. I hope that puts an end to this debate!

Anonymous said...

Adebayor is awesome,not supprised that such great clubs like barca and milan are still after him even though fickle so called gooners want him out. Compare his record to £30MILLION berbatov and u realise how silly u are,12 goals = 8ASSITS not too bad for someone going through such a torrid time with abuse frm own fans and refs,not to mention injuries.Someone like bentner gets away with it because he's young,i've seen this guy miss the most easiest of chances. THAT game against liverpool when all he had to do was jump out the way but wanted to score himself and blocked a certain winning goal. Doesnt it ever cross your minds that these young player(frm eboue,bentner,ade,clichy) getting abuse frm you lot has something to do with it? GET BEHIND YOUR PLAYERS

Anonymous said...

Bahraini Gooner Says:

I have never ever rated Ade, his misses are too much to tolerate. but look who brought him and keeping him. I hope Le boss see something we don't see like he does most of the time. As of Bendtner, He has one great advantage over Ade, top class positioning. If he improves his hit per chance then he will be a monster. yet again, Wenger knows!!

Anonymous said...

adebayor is perfectly capable of scoring less headers than eduardo..

Anonymous said...

Like Drogba? Battering ram?

Is this the same player we're talking about?

Adebayor is garbage.

baraka said...

I'm embarrassed the baseless, uneducated and flat out xenophobic opinions of some of my fellow gooners. At 25 years old drogba wasn't doing anything. Ade scored 30 goals. When he scored 12 goals he wasn't good enough because we needed a 20 goal scorer. When he scored 30 goals he wasn't good enough because he should have scored 40. Howany arsenal players have scored 30 goals in our expansive history? How many of those players would you sell for 15 or 35 million and, as someone so eloquently put it "take the money running"? As far as your solution, let's sell him for 35 million to the Milanese who's scouting network is obviously so bad that they would never see this so called player who is better than adebayor but can be found for only 2 million. Or Better yet let's go ask Santa Claus to give us a striker who is 2 years older than Ade, has never scored 30 goals, is 5'7" and a right footed prototype of eduardo, and has no desire to ever put on an arsenal shirt. We might as well ask the easter bunny for flying cars and heidi klum in lingerie. Let's not be those spoiled fans that everyone hates. Let's be appreciative of our players, inspiring them to work hard foe the shirt rather than alienate them if they don't perform our every wish. More than anything let us be reasonable and intellectual supporters. The arsenal game is one of intellect and intlligent movements. Let's do them justice by being supporters of intellect and intellignce rather than unsubstantiated and potentially harmful opinions.

Anonymous said...

I'm embarassed by these group of 'true', 'real', 'bleed red and white' Arsenal fans, for they can't see Adebayor is SHIT.

If he was that good it IS indeed true he would have scored 40 instead of 30, btw since its last season, can u imagine how many goals torres or even c ronaldo would have scored for the number of assist ade got?

To the poster : I've never seen anything wrong with Ade's skills OMG are u a rugby fan? Any football loving soul can tell you whats wrong with Ade's 'skills', let me start, Lousy first touch, Bad passing, Doesn't know when to dribble or pass, for a striker not calm in front of goal (how many 1 on 1s did he miss?) And for an AW team, he's gotta have the worst ball control player ever.

To the poster who said u didn't see all these ade loathing last season, gosh u must be a new fan, welcome! To let u know, Ade was te hottest topic last summer because so many people wish he just left and sod off. Many could see he just couldn't cut it and dun forget 7 goals were against DERBY last season. Many fence sitters were hoping he stayed on, blinded by his '30'goals season, but when Ade started talking about 'retirement plans' Fence sitters became 'SOD OFF ADE!'

I was there when he scored against Totshit, Fools or whatever team u fancy, I was glad he scored and no i didn't jump with joy because I know Ade's goals are all FLUKEY.

To baraka we are embarassed AT YOU. you actually believe the tabloid on 35m? And asking us to name you players who are better than Ade?? OMG, i'll just give you a few names on WHO's better than Ade. Torres, Villa, TH14, Tevez, Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner, Walcott Yeah they are ALL BETTER than Ade in all his glory. (this last bit was just to cheese u off).

Oh we support the club, but it doens't mean we be blind and support it blindly. Call a spade, a spade. If he's lousy, he's lousy. I've slammed Song, but look at him now, new repertoire of skills, Chipping, Passing, holding and looking up, these type of improvements lets us hold our hands up, For Ade and his 'wonder' goal(s), Its just once and fluke. 1 season wonder. Now live with it.

Anonymous said...


before i thought song was garbage, but he does improve. i wish that he's at least 5cm taller than he is now.

Jerome said...

I have many gripes concerning Adebayor. His goal against Cameroon is so typical of him: pouncing upon a defender's mistake. He doesn't really hustle defenders (or at least he doesn't do it enough) off balls.

However, that's not taking anything away from his goal. Many a lazy striker have had great careers from being goal poacher! I'd like to see him work harder and use his physique a lot more.

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