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Monday, March 16, 2009

Arshavin rules himself out of the Hull game

By 1970’s Gooner

Andrey has been speaking to the Russian press after the victory against Blackburn and has gone as far as ruling himself out of the FA Cup game against Hull tomorrow evening.

Speaking to “Soviet Express” he said that the cut although not deep was quite painful and that it needed four stitches at half time (Arsene Wenger later said that the stitches inserted were eight- maybe they were added to after the game?).

"It happened early in the first half but in the heat of the game I didn't feel the pain. I can't even step on my foot now. It's like a knife cut, not very deep but quite painful," Arshavin said.

“I hope to recover in four or five days. But I will almost certainly miss the Hull game”

He then revealed that Ooijer’s boot went in so strongly that the impact broke his boot and went through to gash his skin.

Andrey expects that he will return to fitness in time to feature against Newcastle at St James Park.

“I will do everything possible to return for the Saturday game against Newcastle".

“I am tired of training alone – I have enough of it when my team is getting ready for the Champions League games"

Let's hope he trains alone more often, but not due to injury!


Anonymous said...

I and thousands of Gunners world wide pray for the same team for more than one game at a time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, it should be Bollocks! as the punctuation mark should always be placed after the last letter. I would have thought that any person who could write with such skill and accomplishment would know that. A True Gooner? Methinks not!

Anonymous said...

I think this "story" is a load of horse poo.

Anonymous said...

There is another article on the net:

"Arshavin Is 'Desperate' To Feature In Arsenal's FA Cup Clash"
(16 Mar - Yahoo! Sports - News)


Anonymous said...

if he not fit play, then at least put him on the bench, just in case arsenal needs him. i think arshavin in his few games with arsenal shows he is as important as fabregas to this team. im sure when everyone fit, they both the 1st names on the team sheet.

Unknown said...

Not "Soviet Express" - "Sport-Express".
There are two main sport newspapers in Russia: "Sport-Express" and "Soviet Sport".

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