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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arshavin’s excellent performance down to his wife and Arsenal’s doctor

By Aries

Andrey Arshavin was very complimentary of the Arsenal doctor who had inserted four stitches into a foot injury at half time. That’s why he came out late for the start of the second half.

But it didn’t stop him from putting in a wonderful performance scoring Arsenal’s second goal and having a significant influence in the first and the third.

Apparently the doctor asked him if he wanted to be substituted at half time but he would have none of it.

“I had my right foot stitched up. Ooijer ripped my boot and my skin underneath in the 10th minute. The doctor had to help me out during the break.

“I run towards him after the second goal. I thanked him for a great job”.

Speaking on his web site he considered Arsenal’s first goal as the most important one as it helped open up Blackburn and allowed Arsenal to play their football.

“having conceded a quick goal, our opponents had to change their game and play more open football, they had to go forward.

Their attacks were quite simple: they went for long balls to their strong attacking players.

Following that, Blackburn started playing more open football. And we were exploiting that, organising quick counter-attacks, through which we managed to get the result and enjoy our game”.

But Andrey had also pinpointed another reason for his great performance against Blackburn.

His wife Yulia and her sister Xenia were in the Emirates to watch him for the first time since his move to Arsenal.

“I was very happy that they were in the stadium. It was their first visit and I'm glad that it brought me luck”.

Maybe Yulia and Arshavin’s family should attend every Arsenal game!


Anonymous said...

He is a great player and will be so due to his amazing akills and not neccessarily to any doctor or his wife

Anonymous said...

He was dazzlingly fantastic!! I told my colleagues, before the game, that the mid-field of Arshavin, Walcott and Nasri was going to bring out the disability of bendtner and it happened!! Bendtner is playing way below standard. He is not grown up in his game. He doesn't have the sense of urgency a striker should have and as long as he thinks he is a kid, the Arshavins, Nasri and walcotts are going to expose his immaturity and disability.

Anonymous said...

What a goal from Arshavin!

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin is the king of sting,he brings back the pain to our attacking game.

In contrast to Bendtner. Who's rapidly becoming an exit or loan product for the transfer season.

Does he even know the goal is 8ft high and 24ft wide??

I mean, it's okay if you're still a younggun trying to earn a living.

But his attitude always suggests we are looking at the best thing that ever happened to us.

Maybe if he looses some focus on that, he can turn his attention to 2 posts and a net.



Anonymous said...

Arshavin's amazing, but it was a fantastic team performance that got us the win.

As for Bendtner, he played a strong game, a really strong game, and if he converted one of his chances would have probably been a strong candidiate for MOtM. He got himself into great positions and was a bit of a work horse. He just needs to become a bit more composed in front of goal, check where the keeper is, and he'll start banging in the goals.

Not every Arsenal player is gonna show themselves to be a footballing god straight away. It's true of Henry and RVP, and I'm sure it'll be true of Bendtner.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the problem?? Bendtner always finds himself in good positions to score. But never does.

Even the match commentaries find themselves joking and mocking around on his efforts.

So, it's not the running and positioning but lack of composure. Closely related to his progress in maturity like True Gunner mentioned earlier.

Better we put him on loan for a year. Preferably in a slower competition than the EPL. There he will get more time to find his barings and train his senses for a quicker response locking on the target.

I can see his potential, which is his only asset right now, but he needs to take it to another level to evolve and become an fearce force.

Anonymous said...

That kind of performance makes me proud of my comrades. The key in attack is having the will to actually take the game to your opponents without the fear of one-on-one situations. We need more players like Andrey in Mother Russia. I feel sorry for Bendtner though, there shouldn't be so much criticism of one player when a team wins 4-0. Godspeed to Arsenal FC.

Anonymous said...

How old is Bendtner n how many yrs has he played for Arsenal?Just use some common sense when judging ur players,bieng a football fan it doesn't mean to be a nosense man/woman!!!

Anonymous said...

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