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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anxious Heb calls up agent about Real interest

By Aries

It seems that the Hleb transfer saga will drag on for much longer than anyone had anticipated.

At first there was the player meeting with an Inter intermediary at an ice cream parlour in Milan a month or so ago.

Then a couple of weeks ago the player’s agent came out publicly and declared that his player will be out of the club in two weeks by buying out the remainder of his contract.

After that came Wenger’s strong reaction that Arsenal were prepared to fight it out in an arbitration court which would mean that the saga would drag on for months and months.

Wenger was hinting that Hleb would miss the boat if the case went beyond the start of the new season.

And if all these were not enough there are the news yesterday that a bidding war has started between Inter, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Apparently Real are prepared to match Inter’s offer to the player of £100,000 per week.

This came from sporting director Predrag Mijatovic.

Although he doesn't look it here he has joined the Hleb fan club keen to bolster the right side of Madrid's midfield.

This is way beyond stingy Arsenal’s improved offer to the player of £60,000 per week.

For Hleb’s representative, Uli Ferber this is a welcomed intervention by Real.

Well he would wouldn’t he. This is what he said today:

"For any player in the world is always a great honour that a club like Real Madrid are interested in him."

"This confirms that the good work he has done Hleb in recent years is being recognized by one of the biggest clubs in the world. Let no one doubt that the interests of Madrid are a privilege for the footballer".

As reported by a good friend of Hleb’s in the Spanish press, the player when learning of the news about Real’s interest got on the phone to Ferber to find out more about their proposal.

Apparently he is anxious about bringing the whole matter of his transfer from Arsenal to a quick resolution.

Just how this will happen is beyond me.

Hlebgate to follow same route as Colegate


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed Real stump up the cash and save us from suffering this fool for another season.

Anonymous said...

sure, he can go. arsenal need goals from the midfield..

Anonymous said...

We all think Hlebs amazing, Rosicky is just as skilful and plus he has goals in him... and we should get a good few quid for him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hleb can go. Wenger has something new....

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear something like this it makes me very glad. The reason is that the more teams that will be fighting for him, the higher price we will get. I think that he might be sold for as much as 20 million pounds. Inter and Real have both spent a lot on players and will do it again. If they, plus even Barca, will fight, the price will rise a lot.

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't wait till he goes...we might even end up getting the rumoured transfers of nasri or arfa for free at this rate am sure hleb if he goes will go for round the 20mil mark (over rated twat) and the best thing is he'll be absolute shite wen he goes coz every former gooner is wen they leave exception of Bentley never really established and Reyes.

Anonymous said...

get rid of him now. hate mercinaries like hleb always on the make selling their souls to the hihest bidder.wish he would let him rot for the last two years of his contact.

Anonymous said...

If Arsenal can get anything more than 12 million pounds for Hleb it will be great business. When was the last time a midfielder that scores less than five goals a season went for this much?

Anonymous said...

If Arsenal can get anything more than 12 million pounds for Hleb it will be great business. When was the last time a midfielder that scores less than five goals a season went for this much?

Anonymous said...

Why to keep repeating these stories from tabloids? What's the point here? Hleb says he wants to stay in Arsenal, his agent Shplievski silently disappeared.

As per Hleb, Arsenal doesn't worth much without Hleb, so those here calling to 'release or get rid' of him, probably don't understand much in football.

Hleb was our player of the season, not Adebayor, not clichy and not Fabregas. The fact that he didn't score much will not change it. The whole attacking play of Arsenal depends on Hleb's passing, and we saw how many goals the team scored. Scoring goals isn't our problem, so trying to blame Hleb for not scoring is really childish.

Anonymous said...

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