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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Senderos: “I have nothing to be ashamed”

By Aries

Philip Senderos has joined up with his Swiss coleagues in preparation for the on coming Euro 2008.

In assessing his season at Arsenal he said today in the Swiss press:

“I have played some thirty matches. I played in some great games in the Champions League. I have gained experience. I have nothing to be ashamed of my record"

He went on to quash all speculation that he was a nervous wreck after that fateful match at Anfield in the Champions League:

"This is untrue. I just assumed my mistake on the first goal for Liverpool. Then I was the victim of the choices made by the coach."

He had to wait until May 4, four games later, to make a reappearance after that. He played for four minutes against Everton and then in the final game of the season against Sunderland.

This has encouraged him and has recently declared that he has the backing of Arsene Wenger.

"I am under contract with Arsenal until 2010. There is no reason that I do not honour that" he said.

But Wenger has already said that he is on the lookout for another central defender.

Also today’s news, if it is to be believed, is that Juventus may be making a move for Philip.

Under these circumstances I am not sure if Wenger will honour his side of the contract!


Anonymous said...

The only real problem is that Senderos is never ever going to be good enough to play regularly for Arsenal.The level of defending last night was very good and Senderos is never gonna reach that is beyond comprehension that Wenger still has faith in him.

Anonymous said...

You're the one who needs to fuck off and leave. How short and limited your memory/intelligence is.. Also i would never speak about a player in those terms no matter whether he;s good enough or not. Senderos has always been a 100% commited professional.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is not so much senderos because he is far too thick and arrogant to understand how thoroughly shit he is, but that Wenger, with all his brains refuses to recognise it. Its a complete mystery. Senderos and Eboue must have some incriminating evidence on him. There's no other answer!!!

Anonymous said...

senderos is a class young player who is going to be immense. he's no worse than john terry or rio ferdinand were at the same age.
you fairweather fans make me sick. you can't call yourself supporters.

Anonymous said...

the kid made two mistakes in one big game that were punished by excellent finishes. of our seven defeats this season he only played two. the rest were all gallas and toure. they are the soft centre. personally i say ship gallas.

1979gooner said...

Senderos is a damn good player.

Toure made far more errors than Senderos last year, it's just that Big Phil was made the scapegoat for our unfortunate loss at Anfield.

Senderos played excellently other than the Anfield game.

And just which young defenders would you suggest we buy to replace him who are so much better than big Phil?

Anonymous said...

senderos will be amazing at euro2008 and all you suckers will eat your words

Anonymous said...

Off course Senderos will do well in the Euros.

International football is SLOOOOOOW and suits him.

He just gets beaten by pace. Would do well in a slow league. But just like Gilberto, Senderos is rubbish in the prem.

Anonymous said...

Get off of his back!
Given a run he will become good, I recall a certain Mr Adams being just the same.
So all you anonymous posters stop slagging him off, piss off and support that shit along the other end of seven sisters road.

Arsene Knows

Anonymous said...

You seruiously cant start comparing Senderos with Rio and Terry: Maybe you can do some research and find out how these two were at their age. The truth is Senderos is a good defender but still not polished; he has terrible lapses in concentration. the only way to improve him is to play him at the highest level,and that is what Wenger is doing.In a few years when Terry and Roi are too old to play well, Senderos will probably be the new revelation. I think he will be the guy to vindicate Wenger's policy....just probably; unless of course his expiry date was Sunderland 2007.

Anonymous said...

I think he is alright. Just need more experience. Ebeoue however is quite terrible going forward. Can we just keep him for small matches :D?

Anonymous said...

i dont rate senderos highly, and wouldnt mind seeing him go, but the fact of the matter is he's like best friends with fabregas and senderos is the one who was taking fabregas out and about when fabregas came to London at 16 so obviously with flamini already left and hleb about to leave, wenger wants to keep someone close to fabregas – So Wenger won’t sell him but instead keep him at Arsenal so Fabulous is happy!
Trust me – i got enough inside knowledge – LEARN ABOUT IT!!

Anonymous said...

Senderos is a great center back. I prefer him than Gallas in the starting lineup. Since Campbell left, Arsenal has no other defender with such headers and aerial ability - Toure and Gallas isn't a perfect match for center backs, but Senderos and Toure would wokr perfect. Senderos was amazing this season whenever he played. Just remember when Toure left for the African Cup, and Big Phil played for one month and was great. Toure was awful since he returned from Africa and has to be blamed for so many goals, and not Senderos.

As for a player, Senderos is indeed not quick, but he has other elements such as headers, determination, loyalty to the club (unlike Gallas), strength and smartness.
Next season, Gallas should be dropped to the bench and Big Phil should start with Toure.

Anonymous said...

He just gets beaten by pace. Would do well in a slow league. But just like Gilberto, Senderos is rubbish in the prem."

How little you know and how blind you are. Both Gilberto and Senderos offer a lot to the team. Just because Gilberto doesnt close players down so high up the pitch as Flamini did doesn't make him a bad player in fact it gives more protection to our failing centre two who cant win a ball in the air at set pieces. Senderos however organises the back line better than Gallas and because of his pace deficiences has better positional ability than both Gallas and Toure.tartuar

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