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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eduardo:”Taylor never apologised to me”

By Aries

While we were breaking the news, on this side of the globe, that Eduardo was way ahead of his recovery plan and showing the amazing video of him kicking a ball, the tabloids are only now beginning to catch up!

Eduardo surprised with speed of recovery” Plus amazing video in physiotherapy kicking a ball!

In fact we reported on this site ages ago, as far back as March, that Eduardo’s come back was looking very promising and was likely to be much earlier than expected.

Eduardo starts training in June. Arsenal permit recuperation in Brazil

We also reported that Eduardo has said that Taylor did not apologise to him!

In fact Eduardo has repeated this complaint yesterday in the interview given to SporTV News which is shown on the video above.

He reiterates that Taylor never apologised to him and that he is still waiting for an apology! Maybe Taylor did visit at hospital but Eduardo was “out’.

A commenter on this site who speaks Portuguese has translated what Eduardo said on this issue:

"He said that Taylor and his club told all the press in England that he personally apologized to Eduardo and that Eduardo had forgiven him. Eduardo CLEARLY STATES THAT THIS IS A LIE. There is no doubt in what he says. He also says that Taylor could've been more human and apologize to him personally".

I think a real apology is called for, really.