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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eduardo now in light running mode

By Aries

The news about Eduardo is getting better and better.

As we have reported only yesterday Eduardo has said to the Croatian press that he is very happy with his rehabilitation programme.

“I am working a lot. I undertake physiotherapy every day and now I feel much better. Everything is going according to schedule and I stick to the programme” he said.

It seems that the Brazilian air aided by the highly regarded expertise of his doctor in Brazil, Jose Luis Runco, have done the trick.

Croatian sports papers are now reporting that Eduardo is able to do light jogging albeit in slow mode.

This is an exciting development in his long road to recovery and certainly well ahead of what was first thought his time out of action would be (around nine months from March of this year).

It seems that Arsenal’s decision to entrust Eduardo’s physiotherapy and rehabilitation to the well respected Dr Runco is beginning to pay dividends.

His return according to the press is now expected in early September which is great news for Arsenal fans and for Wenger’s transfer budget management as he may save money to bolster the squad in other needy areas such as central defence and central midfield.


Anonymous said...

Inshallah he;ll get better,

Keep going eduardo

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic news, I think all arsenal fans, and neutral fans across the world will welcome that news.

Lets pray and hope the physiotherapy goes well, and the light running doesn't cause any problems.

Can't wait to see him in an Arsenal shirt again, and also a Croatian shirt. It's been reported in the press how much Bilic is a close friend of Eduardo, brilliant stuff.

Anonymous said...

go one Dudu - you are the best!

Anonymous said...

great news.and by the way thanks 4 always updating us on his recovery.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be happier for him :D

Shocking how fast this recovery is going.

Stay strong and we're all behind you Eddy.

Anonymous said...

Just an idea for eduardo's "home-coming" to the emirates to welcome him:

1. Colour the whole stadium red/white (arsenal's colours)

2. Give him a standing ovation, and 1 minute applause.

3. Put his picture in the souvenir programme.

Anonymous said...

Buying a new striker would be a waste of money and a waste of talent. We currently have six strikers including Eduardo.

Van Persie, Adebayor being our main two, then Walcott, Bendtner and Vela. Walcott and Vela won't even be used in the wings! according to Arsene.

Man utd have three strikers, including Saha, who is injured nine months out of one season (haha) Liverpool have about the same amount, Chelsea have six but...that's chelsea.

We don't need strikers anyways! we've scored an abundance of goals this season, we've scored more goals then any other club, other then United.

Why solve a non-existing problem? Especially when you have other, actual, problems, such as the departure of Flamini and our ever conceding defense!

So buying a striker would be a gigantic wast of money, and talent. end of story

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted about another striker being a waste of money:

FINALLY someone who will use some common sense.

In all likelihood although Vela and Walcott apparently have futures up front, for the sake of convenience they will probably play far more on the wings next season, but the points remains.

Scoring goals up front is no problem at all, our problems have been conceding cheap goals and not scoring from midfield. Maybe Nasri will pull his weight so it's only our defensive side of the team which needs looking at.

You needn't look further than Diarra to see what happens when you have a ridiculous number of good players in one position, and that's exactly what we'll have with another striker.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rosicky and RvP should pay a visit to this Dr. Runco

Anonymous said...

According to Skysports, Hleb implied that he is not leaving....only time will tell

Anonymous said...

hey, all arsenal fans out there.good news for us that hleb will stay at arsenal, also 99% signing nasri...but i think arsenal must buy an anchorman(defensive) in midfield to replace flamini..i suggest jean makoun.

Anonymous said...

This is music for my ears. However we must not put pressure on rushing him back. We rushed Van Persie several times and look what happened.

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