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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Arsenal trialist interests Newcastle and Sunderland

By Aries

You will remember Wilson Palacios who had a trial with Arsenal in the summer only for Wenger to recommend him to his friend Steve Bruce who was then manager of Birmingham.

Palacios has since moved on to Wigan along with Bruce and his performances were so good that he is now interesting a number of clubs including Manchester United.

Why am I mentioning Palacios? Well I wonder if history is to be repeated.

Bulgarian Nicolay Dimitrov had a one week trial at Arsenal last December and even The Independent newspaper was strongly predicting that a transfer to Arsenal was then imminent.

It didn’t happen but interest in Dimitrov from other suitors has increased since. Bayer LeverKusen is mulling over a bid and so is the Romanian club Steaua Bucharest. Both are considering bids of around 1.5 m pounds.

Now the Bulgarian press is reporting that two English clubs may now be entering the market for Dimitrov. These are Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle and Roy Keane’s Sunderland

But it seems that they are at first interested in a loan deal which will give them the chance to try out the player before making a firm commitment.

Touted as one of Levski's brightest talents, he usually plays on the left side midfield but has also been deployed as a striker.

Arsenal confirms interest in Nikolay Dimitrov


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