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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Flamini having dinner in Kaladze’s Milan restaurant (+ photo)

By Aries

As announced in the afternoon, Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani, Mathieu Flamini, arrived in Milan in the evening and is now having dinner in the restaurant owned by his future team companion, Kaladze, near the central station.

The French midfielder landed at 20.45 at the private Linate airport, on board a plane from London. In the afternoon he was on the sidelines at the Emirates Stadium for the last home game of Arsenal’s season.

He looked then a man without a care in the world as he hugged and joked with his mates, Fabregas and Hleb. No wonder as he is due to sign a lucrative four year deal worth a staggering 144,000 pounds a week!

In jeans, black jacket and shirt, Flamini was welcomed by a dozen of journalists, photographers and operators who were waiting in front of the restaurant.

All the questions were responded to with a dry "later, later."

He is expected to undergo a medical on Monday.


Anonymous said...

not sure about this, will believe it ONLY when confirmed - either way i couldnt care less, he is not worth the money he is asking.........

Arsene has this resolved, either way


Anonymous said...

Milan obviously have more money than sense. I would be really angry if Arsenal paid him that much money. He is a good player, but he is not as important to our success as some other players and he is certainly not worth that kind of money as well as the precedent it would set for others.

Anonymous said...

The sale of Diarra now seems like possibly the most retarded piece of business in the history of any sport which utilizes a round leather ball.
I must commend Flamini...he is officially made.
P.S. Wenger knows dick

Anonymous said...

Don't believe this. Saw Flamini outside the stadium today and he said we will know all over the next few days (as he smiled).

Anonymous said...

We are supposed to be skint why dont we off load these players before they can leave for free. ???????????????

Anonymous said...

Angelo the only dick around here is shove it in your mouth.

Since when can you force a player like Diarra to stay at a club. If Milan are paying Matty that much money then more fool them....he definitely isn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

if that is the true amount the game has gone mad.
he is a good player but nothing that special.
agree that letting diara go was not too clever.
good luck to flamini can't blame him for taking that sort of dosh.i'm sure he can be replaced

Anonymous said...

Flamini should just bounce so that the team can get on with business. No player should do this to a team or the fans. If i was Wenger i would have let him know he can move on FAST and stop holding everyone in this suspense. This must make these players seem so damn special. Love ya but "HIT THE ROAD JACK" and stop the crap!!

Blessings on all but go to be real!!

Anonymous said...

Flam went where the money was, like the most of players do these days.

A photo from the restaurant:

Anonymous said...

This picture is a set-up. That's big Phil with the microphone and Rafal Nadal on the right.

Kimmono said...

If they are stupid enough to pay him that much money, then they can have him. He has had one great season and it is a gamble to think he can easily stay at that level.

Anonymous said...

We can only wish him luck butb i hope one good season is not a fluke.possibly arsenal's playing style helped him alot,ac milan might be different.

Anonymous said...

Hleb was the first to jump up to celebrate the goal, and Flam wasnt far behind. They may yet stay

Anonymous said...

Sue....the fact is yes, you can make a player stay. If they are under contract, [which I'm assuming Diarra signed] then it is perfectly within your rights to keep that player at the club. The fact is Wenger promised him first team football when he signed and failed to deliver...fair enough. But having the Flamini situation lingering on for so long it would have been wiser to loan him out to Portsmouth with a clause stating that if Flamini signed a new contract at Arsenal and both parties were happy then he could be sold. Diarra is miles better than any replacement we can afford at the moment and would be a fantastic foil for Fabregas with his speed, agility, balance and general all round quality.

If you disagree then fine but I don't know who the hell you think you are to tell me to shove anything in my mouth when, if you are a woman and I had the most unfortunate luck in meeting you, you would be begging me to place it in yours and if you are a man I would probably beat you shitless and start slapping you round the face with it.
So unless Wenger is your dad then stop taking shit so personally and chill the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

While it doesn't look likely after today's loss, it's possible Fiorentina may pip Milan before the end of the season for the fourth CL spot--which would be a great vindication for his departure to "greener pastures". I doubt it, after Fiorentina's departure from UEFA Cup Semi under emotional circumstances (I think they're similar to Arsenal in that they do not have the mental strength), but you never know. I would prefer if Milan had to pay him is staggering wage and not get a CL birth.

Anonymous said...

lol thats an awesome reply above!!

Anyway, any player who puts money ahead of his footballing career is nuts. Going to Milan is silly I think. They are having a major reshuffle to get rid of all the old players. I very much doubt that they will do anything next season. I just hope Arsenal get AC next season in the champs league and just blow them out of the water bigtime.. that'll teach him

Anonymous said...

First off to the guy who say it was foolish to let Diarra go, let me ask u this? At the time Diarra left did you know Flamini was going to leave? Where was Diarra going tp play if AW had to please Flamini by giving him Gilberto spot? He certainly wasn't going to get ahead of Sagna for the left back spot. There was no way for AW to Guarantee Diarra first team play if the guy wasn't going to be patient. Every player had to be slowly introduce into AW style of play. I think Sagna is one of the few who immediatly gelled in. At the end of the day nobody made any mistake things happened. People had to go and or stay on the bench to please Flamini and if he leaves because there is more money out there well who can you blame?

Anonymous said...

angelos is right, letting Diarra go was a massive mistake, seeing the guy up close he has amazing agility, balance and composure he really was set to become the next Makelele. Shoulda loaned him out and kept him on contract, if we had right now we'd be looking at the best central midfield partnership in the EPL.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knew for sure if Flamini was going to stay or leave in January but the fact still remains that we were in no position to sell players with such ease, if anything we should have been attempting to add to a relatively fruitful base.

Diarra was impatient but he was also lied to. What fueled his growing impatience was the upcoming Euro Championships which he desperately wanted to be a part of and believed would miss without regular appearances in the first team.

I still do not completely understand why, at the very least, a buy back clause wasn't added as part of the deal. Wenger claims they are unfair!?! huh??? What? Unfair? Ok... but a player stringing you along blindfolded for pretty much a year and another with the ability to buy out the remaining couple of years on his contract IS on the other hand very fair.

Wenger needs to stop letting principles dictate all of his decisions and policies as his concepts and ideals usually come back to bite him, and inevitably, the club on it's ass.

To anon 2:17. As for where Diarra would fit in the answer is relatively simple. The same place Diarra fits in the France squad....ahead of Flamini. While Mathieu is running his lungs to the point of exhaustion in his valiant attempts to even scrape the outer edges of the national team, Diarra has fast become one of Domenech's favourites and excels on a regular basis for France whenever he plays.
Oh...and Sagna's a right back.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's cool anon 2:46, but if you're so sure about the last part then let's get me and your mum in a room and lock it... You should have nothing to be afraid of right? But I guarantee you that after a couple of hours with her in there I won't be the only one who knows dick.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First off, guys who slammed Flamster, piss off. If it have been you, you probably jumped at it the moment the money is on the table. We are talking about 14400 POUNDS a week and Milan are able to table that because THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A TRANSFER FEE. Flamster has been a useful servant, playing leftback for a season and being 100% determined in every match he played. A footballing career, as it spells, IS A CAREER and any employee in a career profession will jump ship to another company if they triples, quaruples your salary. Arsenal is not his beloved club. Juventus is, so there's no sentiment value here for him. Personally I like Van Persie because of this, publicly stating Arsenal is his club. Pity he's always in the treatment room. Football is a short career where you retire at the age of 33 for a midfielder and you can't blame Flamster for trying to save up for the rest of his 50 years after that. You would have done the same though. To all those still hanging and not believing he's leaving, I salute you - must have been that hard to get past the denial stage for you guys.

Anonymous said...

wenger knows fuck all. Its about time for him to go also

flamini will disappear in 2 yrs. no big deal

i like hieb gone also

Anonymous said...

Flamini will certainly leave the club. I really hope Wenger will realise Song is good enough for the job, but even so, we will need to get ourselves a cover anyway. I doubt Diaby nor Denilson has the discipline and the vision to play as a CM/DM.

I wouldn't mind Hleb to leave us too. He contribute alot in our attack but his non existing finishing is getting on my nerves. When he is in a good position, he needs to shoot, not pass.

Anonymous said...

Sue - of course you can force a player to stay - Diarra signed a contract. That - for your thick head - is a legally binding piece of paper. So yes, they could have made him stay. And you know what, Wenger should have known Flamini better and he should have said 'no signature in January, Diarra gets your place'.

So don't call him a dick. But accept you're a cunt.

Anonymous said...

bring back diarra

Anonymous said...

wow angelo, mum jokes...
now's that really mature of you hey?

Anonymous said...

Diarra is over-rated.

Wenger told him that he was good enough to break into the first-team. Diarra tried for a couple of months and then gave up. His attitude stank. Should Wenger have played him when he clearly wasn't at the level he should have been? He's not exactly dominating for Pompey is he?

Flamini is a good player - he will struggle to find a staring role for Milan or Juventus. Ultimately he'll regret his move.

There are better players than Flamini or Diarra.

Watch this space...

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe we can't hang on to our best players.

Flamini is in my mind worth arount 20 M to Arsenal.

With Man U, Chelsea and Tottenham adding to their squad we are losing a fantastic player. A perfect fit for Arsenal.

And Flamini leaving, that would show disloyalty of great magnitude. Both to his fellow team players, Wenger and the club.

This has hot me soooo frustrated I can't even put it into words. WHAT is going on. aaaaaaaa!!!

If we plan on continuing our run for the title this is a bigger blow than losing Vieira a few years ago. Flaminis contribution this season was instrumental to the teams success.

Flamini has the perfect thing going on at arsenal but yet he chooses to leave the club with a bundle of problems. This is unacceptable. Abselutely unacceptable.

Sometimes I just feel like Arsenal is just about as ambitious as club fightin regelation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sorry but anyone saying we should have kept Diarra is just plain dumb. How the hell can you keep an unhappy player at your club. The guy wanted regular first team football and Arsene could give him that at the time, he felt that if he was good enough for the national squad he was good enough for the Arsenal team. Anyone know why Gallas was used to get Cashley? Because he was unhappy at Chelsea...

And for those of you defending Flamini you're even more stupid. Your argument is that he worked his socks off every game and gave 110% but dont you realise why that was... he knew he was out of contract at the end of the season and that if he played his best and tried his hardest, he would have a bunch of teams after him fighting for his signature and he could just pick the best paying team.

Anonymous said...

It will be interserting to see who comes in for the Flamster, particularly as we are pleading proverty at the mo. With a budget of 25m, I think Arsene will have to pull out all the stops if we are to replace and strengthen the team.

Anonymous said...

THere is no way Flamini will earn 144 grand a week. That's Zidane or Ronaldo type wages. The papers and some websites talk utter shite.

Anonymous said...

Karan...I live at 21 Burne Jones House, North End Road, West Kensington. If you are such a bad boy as your comment suggests then come over and please, please be stupid enough to try something. The same goes for anyone else who is sitting behind their keyboard and thinks that me questioning Arsene Wenger is a personal diss to them.

Like I said, my address is there so Karen and anyone else who has a problem can come and deal with things like a man instead of typing abusive comments towards me.

I apologize to all, especially younger visitors on this sight, who have stumbled upon my less than polite comments.
Have a good day everyone.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that selling Diarra was the biggest balls up Wenger has ever made. He should have told him, you're not going anywhere - if you want to leave you can at the end of the season, get your head down and be professional. Instead he left Flamini, a well-known mercenary, play on with an unsigned contract - why didn't he sign in January??

Again, Wenger is so feeble in the transfer market it's a bad joke. At the stat of the season he goes into a campaign with only 3 center backs, Gallas, Toure and Senderos - a proven donkey. And one of those he knew was leaving for the ANC for 2 months.

Wenger knows?? I'm afraid he doesn't know enough for my liking. He is losing grip of everything. He calls the players naive - but HE'S naive if he thinks he can build a team of kids without paying them the going rates. You can't build anything when players heads are getting turned by bigger clubs offering double the wages.

Now Arsenal are stuck with Gilberto Silva - who is half as good as Flamini. Hleb is next out the door. Arsenal will win nothing next season, so kiss goodbye to Fabregas.

Wenger is losing his grip, I don't think he will ever win another trophy at Arsenal. David Dein is looking more right every day.

Anonymous said...

Angelo, what's going on man? let me see ... Diarra, Mum,....mhhh..... oooh I get it, your mum is seeng Diarra, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I agree. If Flamini goes, and possibly Hleb. WE WILL WIN NOTHING next season. It won's even be left to chance, it is a sure thing.

And that means bye bye to Fabregas.

Anonymous said...

Yes...that's it. My mum is seeing Diarra.

Anonymous said...

Good then, mystery solved. So you decided to go on a campaign to bring Daddy Diarra back at the Emirates, huh?

Anonymous said... we've got that mystery out of the way let's move onto the next one, why you are so lame.

Satnam said...

This sucks, every year big players leave because of stupid reason, sure if we give them some good money every player in the world would love to play for us.

06- Cashley, Campbell, Pires.
07- Henry, Reyes, Freddie
08- Flamini

And if this continues then

09- Fabregas, Adebayor, Walcott, Clichy, Sagna, RvP and all

Anonymous said...

tony adams himself said that selling diarra was a big mistake. It's obviously true. As for wenger, there is wrong if you can sell a potentially key player but chose to persist with keeping eboue and senderos. Even diarra is puzzled that he plays more games for france than arsenal. And even is he can't get a start in the team yet, he should at least be kept or loaned out.

Anonymous said...

the diarra saga just prove that wenger is truly clueless when comes to keeping good players, now that flam is leaving - and hleb possibly too - all wenger can do is to shout threats against the italian clubs to report them to uefa. what's the use? well, some may say that at least he still have some other young talents at arsenal for next season. But how long can you hold on to players like fabregas WITHOUT any trophy to show? will fabregas go next season if the team again fail to win trophies? you never know. clueless arsene should buy i.e. spend on the best this summer. Still complaining about the price tags? Get real, wenger. nothing is cheap anymore today. no use complaining about chelsea's money or other club for that matter. Stop dreaming and grow up, quickly, because it's not only arsenal that wants to win championships!

Anonymous said...

wenger taught tottenham an important lesson 7 years ago but has seemed to forgot the lesson himself. if a player does`nt re-sign then sell him before he gets into the final year. sol did to spurs what flamini has done to the arse . spurs sold defoe before he could do the same , maybe this is karma coming back to bite wenger. anyway , he has gone to milan to win trophies ,just like when sol left....

Anonymous said...

to king kolo , add to that list , gilberto,lens,hleb and thats for starters

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming arsene for letting Diarra go! the dude wanted to leave, simple!!!

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous!!

How can we build up a team when the best players keep leaving. This is bullshit! Were one of the biggest clubs in the world but yet we operate like a small club. Do you see, Essien leaving Chelsea, Xavi leaving Barca. Why does Arsenal continue being a breeding ground for the biggest clubs? Flamini had the perfect thing going on at Arsenal but yet he leaves...

There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

So whats the focking plan? Gilberto with Fabregas in midfield??

This is so f$# frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Players come, players go. There will be a replacement for Flamini and the team will move on.

Just be thankful that we are not a smaller club where the best players get cherry picked at the end of the season, every season.

And some people should take their comments onto a handbag swinging blog

Anonymous said...

Thankful?? WHAAT? Are you experiencing and all-year thanks giving?

Please be ambitious for once. Thankful we arn't doing worse? That is the biggest losers talk I've heard in a while!

Anonymous said...

Only a fool ignores market forces. When one reviews FLAMINI's situation it makes you wonder why we were made to believe David Dein had lost the plot. ARSENAL charges the highest prices. Their Seasons's tickets are the most expensive in this league. Then they tell us they cannot afford to pay players what they are due. So why the farce when these players leave?? I do not like Ferguson but he is not one to wait for a player's contract to run out if he likes him. With Ferguson once you perform he rewards you immediately irrespective of when your contract expires. WENGER seems to be happy to tie one to a contract which he obviously knows is not fair. The truth is ARSENAL will be the biggest feeder club in Europe if they do not address their wage structures. No guarante that Hleb will stay? Thereafter FABREGAS, Adebayor, Sagna, Clichy will follow suit. Sagna an Clichy are the best fullbacks in the Premiership at the moment. For all we know they are probably paid WIGAN/Reading salaries. Lets get real. The players have done their bit. The manager should do his job and realise that they deserve recognition. You cannot keep buying 14 year olds and hope to compete at the top level.

Anonymous said...

the biggest signing this summer will be the new MD at Arsenal, if we get the best man out there it will leave Arsene to keep to where hes best at .... on the training field. We need a big fish to sort out players and contracts and maybe this year will benefit Arsenal in that we all can see the blend has to be right on and off the field. No one is bigger than the club and the best managers are the ones that can evolve and change. Arsene has proved that he is the best coach in Europe but the verdict is out on whether he is a great manager. My guess is he will get it right, hopefully a couple of premiership ready players just to pad out the squad would do as we were only short in numbers not quality this year.

Anonymous said...

So Flamini has gone, big deal. Sure he had a great season, and filled in well at left back the season before. However there is a reason he got into the last year of his deal without a new contract, and that is because in the seasons before he was ordinary.

I kind of agree with the people who have said it was a mistake to sell Diarra, as he would complement cesc well in midfield. However as others have recognized, he wasn't happy, and we don't need players bitching to the press a few months after they have signed.

To the people saying Wenger hasn't got a clue, you are all fucking idiots. Few, if any, people have done as much for Arsenal as Wenger, he has brought success and has us playing football that we could only dream about during the Graham era. I'm not knocking Graham, he was in charge for the greatest Arsenal match of my life (Anfield '89), but we weren't exactly entertaining under him.

Flamini should look to the careers of other high profile players who have left Arsenal, rarely do they succeed. I reckon he'll do well in Milan, he ran rings round their midfield in the San Siro. Arsenal will carry on without him, I reckon Wenger has already lined up his replacement. I'd love it if we signed Yaya Toure, but can't see him leaving Barca, Makoun could do well alongside Cesc and shouldn't be too expensive. I just hope he doesn't go with Song or Gilberto....

Anonymous said...

To anon 10.37, nobody's taking away from wenger his achievements at arsenal all these years, with such tremendous success. Without argument, he's a great coach, no one doubts his achievements. But dont be blind to the fact that wenger still remains clueless when it comes to keeping good players. Your logic about diarra is skewed. You admit diarra was good for arsenal, especially with cesc in the middle, but said that he's unhappy, and was bitching to the press? So, this justify selling diarra? if so, what about gallas?? wasn't he critical of wenger and loudmouthed?? But wenger didn't sell him off, did he? Instead, Gallas was made the captain, wasn't he?

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