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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Arfa, Gomis and Diarra impress more than Nasri

By 1970’s Gooner

Have we been watching the same game last night?

Because if it were not for my satellite installation and some wizardry from some technically minded friends I would have been taken in by what I have been reading in some of the press and most Arsenal biased blogs today.

Don’t get me wrong. I have for a long time now been blowing Nasri’s trumpet (as it were) on this blog. I even went as far as to suggest his transfer to Arsenal on my (and hopefully) Arsene’s wish list.

However I must say that I have seen much better performances from him than last night's showing for a France eleven against Equador.

He was involved in the game a good deal as he is the type of player that would drift from his wide midfield role into more central areas so as to receive and pass the ball.

However although his passes showed that he possesses a good football brain they lacked the precision we have grown accustomed to watching Arsenal.

His wing play did not impress me either. I cannot recollect how many times he got past his marker from the outside. They were not many if any. He preferred to come inside and lay off balls sideways or try and slip someone in the box.

Hleb he is not as he did not show any real trickery or ability to hold off markers through dexterity. And we should not of course expect him to be a copy paste of Hleb, as Clichy is for example for Ashley Cole (and Traore is of Clichy).

He is able though to get past markers through speed, which he posseses in abundance. But his most unhleb characteristic of all is that he is unafraid to shoot!

One shot from outside the area looked venomous as soon it left his foot and the Equador goalkeeper did very well to parry it out of touch giving away a corner.

There are mitigating factors of course. He has been injured and ill (with a viral infection) for a long time and returned only recently to first team action for his Club Marseille.

He also had to play with another 10 players who had little time to train together and get to know each other’s play well. This would account for his unexploited passes and overall lack of cohesion in the team play.

A player that has been on Wenger’s radar is another winger, Lyon’s Ben Arfa. Now he played like a real winger, especially in the second half.

He did get past his markers with ease and he did put the crosses in. He had a very good all round game and was one of three other French players that impressed.

One of them was a Wenger fancy. But he was so impatient he was allowed to flee the nest.

Diarra was everywhere, tackling, passing and probing. He dominated the midfield area. If Domenech has any brains he will give him a starting birth in the France team.

Domenech’s brain seems to be working recently as his choice to drop the aged donkeys, Trezegue and Cisse from the final squad in favour of St Etienne’s Gomis is a sound one.

Gomis is young, hungry and possesses strength and directness which may prove useful if Henry and co fail to unlock defences as seems likely.

Yet Domenech axed Arfa and Flamini from the final squad. Maybe he hasn’t got any brains after all!

Marseille regional paper: Nasri deal to Arsenal as good as signed and sealed! Where will he fit in?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Nasri's mind is elsewhere! No-one shines all the time, I think he will be a fantastic addition to the team

Anonymous said...

Obviously your trying to get a bit of attention mate, Gomis impressed, Diarra was alright, Nasri was alright, Ben Arfa however was shite, he won a couple of freekicks and only on a couple of occasions managed to actually beat his man (the one just before he came off was quality) Nasri on the other hand switched flanks came central and kept the pace of the attck going with his quick passing and movement. While he didn't have the best of games he still was one of the brighter players for France along with Gomis Thuram and Diarra.

I think if you improve your Journalism you might get the attention you obviously crave for the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

Ben Arfa was pants in the first half. He had a few good moments in the second half, but he held on to the ball too long at times, and gave it up as well.

You had a dig at Nasri's passing, but praised Diarra? Diarra's passing was absolutely shocking.

Nasri had a solid game. The strikers gave him nothing in the first half, and most of the second.

the whole team played like shit. And let's not forget, this was a warm up game against Ecuador.

Hejaz Kar said...

The French press were all saying that Ben Arfa was risky and not sharp enough. It was widely expected he wont make the 23. Domenech knows what he's doing. Everyone blasted him for selecting Gomis over Trezeguet untill last night(Same as in 2006 when he selected Ribery out of the blue). Flamini has not produced much for France. Diarra suits Domenechs game more and he is more versatile. Flamini was kept out by Toulalan

I thought Nasri was slightly below par yesterday. His position is behind the strikers but he showed last night he could adapt to the 4-4-2 Domenech wants to use. He had to drop too deep coz the two Diarra's couldnt pass it forward which effected his game abit. He likes to receive the ball in the final third with movement ahead of him like in the 2nd goal but he will play better with Vieira and Makelele behind him

Anonymous said...

Flamini didn't make it cos he's shite. Delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

If domenech knew what he was doing then where the hell were Clichy and Sagna? Ashraf you make me laugh....

Anonymous said...

Gomis impressed me most,I've seen better from Nasri but he was much better than Diarra and Ben Arfa!

Anonymous said...

Nasri is better then Lasandra Diarra. She I mean he can jump off a bridge for all I care.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm being a real dick in making this comment, but here are some bits of English you need to be pay attention to:
- "blowing Nasri’s trumpet" one can 'toot one's own horn', even blow your own trumpet, but blowing someone else's trumpet... well that's just gay.
- "he got passed his marker" ... who passed his marker to him? Past? (x2)
- "on Wenger’s radius" that would be hilarious if AW was a fat man (try that one out on Sam Allardyce) but he's more likely to be on Wenger's famous radar

Hejaz Kar said...

Clichy is not there because of Evra who has a better final ball and more experience. Sagna got injured at the wrong time.

Wrighty7 said...

Dont forget he axed Clichy too 1970's. The best left-back in the world!

The man is clueless!

Anonymous said...

Nasri is 20 one or two years in the Pl building bulk and training with Wenger, Calderon will cream his pants trying to get him.

Anonymous said...

Diarra and Arfa both got axed so maybe they didnt impress as much. I personally thought Nasri had a great game while Arfa only had a good second half.

Anonymous said...

arsenal must have some the most deluded fans ever.. clichy is good but doenst mean he suits the game France play, just because he play for us doesnt mean he must be an automatic choice for france.

Anonymous said...

To anon (dick) 9.12 28.5.2008

Thanks for your corrections. They are appreciated!

kevlinefm said...

I would have to say ben Arfa and Diarra obviously did not impress me.

How can you say ben Arfa is impressive when most of the time he's on his own and his selfishness has time and time again caused unwanted pressure on the French defense.

And as for Diarra the Lassana fella, he made some noticeable errors which lead to the same outcome as ben Arfa. Of course, you might have attracted to his high work rate but what annoys me the most is his attempts to hit long balls when obviously he has better options on the right side of midfield (in the first half) and he preferred to hit it long. I mean, hello? Is this even football?

Anyway, you said most Arsenal blogs are biased but I don't think so. Nasri has been way better than ben Arfa in the game. He's much better on the ball and made some useful passes for the French attack. Besides, he got very few of the passes from his team mates which made me wonder why.

The author of this blog entry has to somehow re-watch the whole game. I would have to say you've watched the wrong game, guy.

Anonymous said...

Playing with true wingers wont work in the prem or at Arsenal.

We need footballing brains, and as you said this guys has got it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess you didn't see the same game as us...

I agree on the fact that we have seen much better games of Nasri before, but in NO way did Ben Arfa, Gomis and Diarra outplayed him!

Gomis played well, but lets not forget it was Ecuador in front, and not even the first team! (Yep! Some important players for ecuador weren't here).
Ben Arfa, he has pace, he's technical, ok... But man does he need to buy himself a brain! Whenever he did something right, he would just ruin it right after!
And, for the funniest thing I've ever heard... Diarra was good? LoL! Yep! Now I'm sure of it, we haven't seen the same game...

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