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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Levski comment on Dimitrov transfer to Arsenal

By Aries

Well we told you that if there was to be any movement on the on going saga of Dimitrov’s transfer to Arsenal we would get a sniff of it.

And yesterday in our post titled “Dimitrov’s transfer to Arsenal hit a snag” we reported that Arsenal had to get round work permit regulations if Dimitrov was to play for Arsenal before 2009.

Now Levski have issued a denial that Dimitrov is Arsenal bound rubbishing recent rumours that have been spread by some blogs and even the Epping Forest Guardian!

When contacted by The Sofia Echo (a Bulgarian newspaper) about a transfer deal involving Dimitrov and Arsenal, a spokesperson for Levski Sofia said "there is no such thing".

The Sofia Echo mentions that the rumours had started when the Arsenal-Gunz blog posted a fabricated entry on April 28 quoting local Bulgarian press about the transfer. The blog has since been taken off-line, but its Google cache is still available.

The Echo goes on to say that the blog entry was subsequently picked up by other bloggers and even appeared in the East London and West Essex Guardian series newspaper, which headlined Gunners believed to have landed talented Bulgarian winger.

Dimitrov scored Levski’s only goal yesterday in their 2-1 defeat against Chernomore.

“Dimitrov’s transfer to Arsenal hit a snag”


Anonymous said...

really nice site, that people can trust and easy on the eye, keep up the good work.
on other note now that this transfer is closed, do you think Arsenal might buy another winger such as Robinho? or they will use Vela, Gibbs, Wishere, Simpson?

Another one, why do you think Wenger is stocking up young players in a lot of positions, such as midfield (Randal, Lansbury, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Merida)?
Likewise for the forwards (Nacer Barazite, Rhys Murphy, Gilles Sunu, Rui Fonte)?

There are a few other like freeman and Afobe who are a little younger, but the whole point is that we already have a young team, and after 2-3 years they will be mature, and at the same time the younger players that I have mentioned will demand to play as the would reach 20.

Will Wenger sell the one that already matured or the up ans coming super talents?

I have theory, that because of the new rules and player leaving (contract expired, or buying the remaning of their contract) that wenger will depend mostly on the English young Players at the club, as they (could be) good guys and don't do like rest who demand high wages for the love of their local team.

I really think we have a lot of talent that needs just a chance, and it would be really bad if we allowed them to leave because we are not giving them a chance to play.

Anonymous said...

it's not up front and in midfield that we have lots of pormising youngsters - remember Nordveidt, Traore and Kyle Bartley at the back and Mannone and the younger of two polish keepers as well. AW wants youngsters coming through in all positions both to save cash and conform to UEFA's home-grown or home-educated quotas.

Most of the youngsters wont make it into the first team on a permancent basis. Quite possibly out of all the players you mentioned only two or three will make it, if that.

Anonymous said...

lies, all LIES....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words anon 12.34

I think that Wenger will hesitate to buy another winger.
He has Walcott who has been performing quite well recently and also Vela who has really been getting a first class education in Spain. I have been watching him throughout this season playing for Osasuna and I can tell you he is ready to play in the premier league.

Also dont forget Rosicky (hopefully getting over his problems), Hleb and Eboue (who I think Wenger will persist with him for another season).
So taking into account Wenger's stinginess and assuming no other player leaves (like Hleb) then probably no wingers will come in!

On your other querie

I think Wenger is amassing younger players for many reasons. One is to fulfill the UEFA quotas as Romford Pele said, another is that those that will not make it will fetch a handsome profit when they are sold on anyway; and another simple reason is that some of them may develop into world stars!

And yes he is puting more emphasis on English players as they are more likely to stay rather than feel home sick but also because Arsenal have been lacking that British steel,strength and tenacity in their play. He needs to correct that.

Anonymous said...

giggs, scholes, beckham, sharpe, butt, g neville, p neville - all came through at the same time and among those that didn't make the grade, r. savage has had a decent career.

there's no reason why we can't have a similarly successful crop of youngsters - maybe that's what wenger is going for. it would be the ultimate accolade. and the ones that don't quite get there are still profitable to the club hopefully, like A Stokes to Sunderland for £1m.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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