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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vela close to passport and Rosicky who suffered pain up the ...fitted with titanium!

By Aries

Carlos Vela is close to overcoming the most important obstacle in his quest to finally play for his club, Arsenal.

Apparently the documents supporting his application for a Spanish passport were submitted two years ago, in June 2006.

Passport regulations in Spain require a two year presence in the country and it seems that Carlos will be issued with a passport quite soon.

This will enable him to join up with his new Arsenal team mates for pre season training in early July.

Before that however he will be involved in a heavy schedule of games for Mexico which will include a series of friendlies against Argentina and Peru before facing Belize in two legged World Cup qualifier beginning on 15th June.

Pain up the ass!

Another Arsenal player is expected to return to the fold for next season! Tomas Rosicky unlike Carlos has kicked a ball for Arsenal but that was five months back in January of this year.

The good news is that his operation went quite well and according to his Czech doctor, Vladislav Hospodar who assisted in the operation he should have no more problems.

“Now it is properly fixed to restore all the functions. After the rehabilitation, the problems should be gone” he said.

According Hospodár the procedure lasted 40 minutes and confirmed his original diagnosis as a problem where the ligament adjoins to the knee. During the surgery, the ligament has been stabilised by two small titanium anchors.

"There was a release of tendons, which are also the consequences of a blood hematoma which created pain and was transmitted through the thigh muscle towards the ass(!)," said Hospodár.

I wonder whether Tomas will assume “titanic” powers now!


Anonymous said...

Can he swim? Either he will have titanic powers or else.....or he might sink like the titanic. What say you folks

Anonymous said...

He will fly and Arsenal will win the league with Rosicky voted player of the year.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! A fit Rosicky at last! Cant wait

Anonymous said...

I would prefer Rosicky to be the captain before Gallas and Toure and King Fabregas.

Anonymous said...

To tell te truth, I cannot remember what he brings to the team. Let's hope it's a pleasant surprise.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8.41 p.m. prepared to be amazed! If you have the good fortune to have ATV, it's really worth re-watching some games from earlier in the season when Rosicky played. He is great going forward and also tracks back to help out the defence. He was developing a great partnership with Clichy on the left as well. I cannot wait to see a fit Rosicky back in the team. He will definitely be like a new signing!

P.S. can we get some titanium thighs for RVP as well?

Anonymous said...

if ros can stay fit that is a massive bonus for Arsenal. a more important player than Hleb. very very effective.

Anonymous said...

Thomas "Titanium" roscikkkkkkkyyyy.
Van-persie defo needs some a that stuff.hmmm, so will to brazil....

Anonymous said...

Rosicky is class - he's a lock-picker and can get past any defence...

never forget what a class act he is

LEMA said...

am always more confident when Rosicky is in the Team: He is never afraid to fire a Rocket. He helps Sesc in carrying the Midfield goalscring duties....if he could play for at least 3/4 of a season!

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