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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Arsenal can win at Middlesbrough by dropping Eduardo and playing Rosicky central

By 1970’s Gooner

Eduardo has failed to impress in any of his starts for Arsenal. He has not adopted to the Premier League yet and he is even finding it difficult to combine with his fellow players.

He doesn’t seem to be on the same wave length with them and has been rather peripheral in terms of impact. His worst performance was against Newcastle where he made the mistake in not clearing the ball away from goal or even out of play which led to the equaliser.

Arsene Wenger will have to drop him from this away encounter at the Riverside and give him more time on the training ground and in the Carling and FA Cup games to get more acclimatized. I think he has the qualities to come good but like Pires he needs time.

The second change that Wenger must surely make is the most obvious one to me. The team is lacking in creativity in the central areas of the pitch.

At Newcastle Arsene, had to choose a side that could not include Flamini and Hleb. Just like against Wigan, when these two players were also missing, he went for more defensive and destructive players in central midfield. On this occasion Gilberto and Diarra. Rosicky the only creative midfielder left standing was marginalised on the left wing.

The end result, as feared by many, including this site, was that there was no creativity again (other sites were predicting an easy win even with a “depleted midfield”).

There was no one to dictate play in the crucial central areas of the field starving the forwards of the service they deserved.

So Arsene has to change the formation and accommodate Rosicky in a more central role.

This can be achieved in a 4 2 1 3 formation with two central defensive midfielders (any two from Gilberto, Diarra, Denilson and Song) sitting behind Rosicky with three forwards in front of him: Adebayor flanked by Eboue and say Walcott or Denilson but not Eduardo.

Prediction: Away win 0-2


Anonymous said...

I agree that Edurado, like Henry & pires before him has not settled into our style yet, but he will in time. So I also agree he should not be included today. Instead, similar to you, I would opt for the following:




Bentner - AdeB

Subs: Walcott, Fabiansky, Gilberto, Hoyte, Gibbs

Anonymous said...

We need to stop the Theo loving on this site and we need to stop being stupid.

442 will wein us the match with ease.

- - - - - Almunia

Sagna - Toure - Gallas - Clichy

Eboue - Diarra - Den - Rosicky

- Adebayor - Edu/Theo/Bendt

It was Eduardo on the left that was bad, up front he caused problems and would have scored had Ade passed it through.

Easy win!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, a fact that is often overlooked when discussing Eduardo is that he has had 3(?) prem starts this season I can remember and two of them have come at Ewood and St James'. Even the best players from Spain or Italy would struggle to make an impact there

Anonymous said...

With Diarra, does he have the sophistication to play the fluent football of arsenal?

Myself I wasn't as impressed with him agains Villa and Newcastle as many of you were. For me he is at the back of the pecking order behind Denilson, Diaby, Gilberto and Flamini for the spot alongside Fabregas! I think Flamini understands his role alot better than Diarra, he knows he's not the passer of the final ball, he passes the ball to the player that gives the final ball. I feel Diarra wants desperately to be a goal scorer and the passer of the final ball at the expense of his defensive duties.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree dropping Eduardo. But Wenger gives him 20 min in front and then push him left. HE IS NOT A LEFT MIDFIELDER !! If he can play some games in his position he will score goals. I already think he is Arsenals best finisher, next to Fab. Ade needs a lot of chances and will never be the cool finisher. But we have to accept that Eduardo don't runs around doing a lot of stunts. He finishes it and score...the type of player we havn't have since Ian Wright...

Anonymous said...

Darr, disagree totally. Diarra was the standout against Newcastle. The man wins the ball from outrageous positions time & again. He always leaves a tackle with the ball & on his feet. 30:70s become 70:30s. You question his confusion as to role - that is because in the games you mention he has played alongside Flam & Gilberto (also Denilson in CC). And let's face it, he has started in only, what, 4 (maybe 5) games? I'm looking forward to seeing him play with Fabregas & Hleb is able to focus on his natural (defensive) game. I think long term he will be Cesc's midfield partner.