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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Arsenal Player Evaluations and Ratings Vs Steaua

By 1970’s Gooner

A very impressive performance in the first half with two well taken goals by Diaby and Bendtner. But again became too complacent in the second half and with the disruptions of the substitutions Steaua was allowed to come back into the game when they scored their goal.

Nevertheless the big plus was of course Robin Van Persie’s return to action.


Did not have much to do. He did manage though to give us a scare when instead of clearing the ball he elected to dribble the oncoming forward! He also miskicked a clearance which thankfully went to an Arsenal player. I thought he was slightly out of position for the header which led to the goal and as a result could not react timely. 6


Was solid and dependable as usual and did get a number of crosses in from the right. He gave the assist for Diaby’s goal. He is being credited with a lot of assists lately. I think he has three in the Premiership already. 7


A positive performance with a lot of forays in the forward wide position a la Clichy. Lacks positional awareness in defense and was for this reason vulnerable when Steaua attacked from that flank. As with Clichy, who suffers from the same weakness, his speed of recovery usually bailed him out. 6


Strong and solid performance from the captain. 7


Had a decent performance. Did not make any mistakes of note but the opponents were not really pushing forward too much especially in the first half. 7


Played in his preferred position in central midfield but his passing let him down especially in the first half. 6


I was impressed by Denilson again. He won the ball well and also distributed it accurately and quickly which is what is required in Wenger’s teams as they deploy very speedily when the ball is won. His ball control was also very good but most importantly he plays intelligently, on and off the ball .8


Showed us what tremendous speed he has. He was getting pass his markers as though they were not there. Sometimes giving them a five yard start! He got into a few scoring positions but his finishing let him down. 7


Considering he was coming back from a period of inactivity he was very good in the first half and took his goal very well. He was using his strength to most effect and was involved in most things that were good for Arsenal. He inevitably tired in the second half. 8


I was impressed with Nicklas again. He was good both in the air, he hardly missed a header, and also on the ground. He shields the ball very well and brings other players in the game. He scored a fine goal by creating the space for himself in order to receive the ball from RVP and took it like a veteran. 8

Robin Van Persie

He played as though he was never away! Excellent control and passing. Gave the assist for Bendtner’s goal and also played his role just behind the front man very well. 8


Eduardo (65m)

Looked sharper and created a chance for himself when in on a one on one with the goalkeeper. His lob did not come off however. 6

Diarra (71m)

Strong and tenacious in the tackle. Laid a wonderful 30 yard through ball for Eduardo which put him through on goal.6

Eboue (71m)

Replaced Sagna at right back. Played well and made some key interceptions in front of Lehmann when Steaua were getting dangerous in the latter stages of the game. 7

Man of the Match: Denilson


Anonymous said...

I agreed with all your comments except for the one about Song, I thought he played his supporting roll well, I can recall only two times where his passes went astray aprt from that he was very good much better than Diarra who holds onto the ball far to long and puts us into trouble in midfield.
Don't let your negative opinion of Song cloud your judgement. The boys a good player and has a lot to offer the club, I'd rather have him than Gilberto!!

Anonymous said...

I also tought that Denilson had a very good game but the poll is not reflecting that so much. I think many go for the goalscorers.

Anonymous said...

How good was Brendtner! Won practically every header. Excellent Target Man, brings the ball down exceptionally well and what a cool finish. Drop Adebayor for one match that he expects to start i.e Chelsea so he gets sharp again.

So good to have Van Persie back as well!

Better do a lot of praying between now and Sunday Gooners, we might need some divine intervention.

Anonymous said...

I am one of Song's strongest supporters. I have written on this site in the past how highly I rate him especially when he was out on loan to Charlton! Sometimes his concentration and passing are lacking a little bit. When he improves on these he will be a very good player indeed.

Anonymous said...

I thought the chaps played sterlingly tonight with great verve and gusto throughout, I really like the look of young Walcott hes a strapping lad very quick and spritely, toodle do.

Julian E'liksemyung

Anonymous said...

I think Wenger may have some thinking to do with regard to dropping Adebayor aand playing Bendtner with Van Persie against Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster. Song was better than you gave him credit for. He played well in the centre and only a couple of passes went astray. Diarra is still hit and miss, possibly trying too hard. Denilson had a really good game, much more creative and attacking than his last outing against Wigan. Diaby was also excellent considering he is just coming back from an injury.

Anonymous said...

Wenger should consider dropping Adebayor altogether, and playing Eduardo or Bendtner, both are better and more aware players than the former.

Which has been something we have missed in the games where Hleb and Cesc were not playing.

Adebayor is fast becoming a weighing anchor...

Anonymous said...

Walcott's are just too fast for his own brain. His vision and awareness must be improved greatly.

Lost Soul said...

I have denilson down for motm but he performed well in a nothing game. His performance in sevilla didnt really encourage the manager to put him in for the next two league games, although, i'd like to have seen denilson starting wide instead of eboue for the boro and boltcastle game. Decent performance all in all, with bendtner impressing. How good was he on the headers. Maybe ade does need a reality check. He's getting a bit ahead of himself ade is. Is it just me or is van persie and bendtner looking a mighty good prospect on sunday?
Credit to bendtner, after all the talk, finally, he's proving he can walk the walk.
I thought song was decent today and so was senderos, but really, the opposition barely troubled them.
I disagree though that ade is becoming a burden, gilberto, on current form is becoming a burden, but ade just needs to stop getting ahead of himself. He's still young mind you, and he has come on a lot from last season.

Anonymous said...

I was actully very impressed with Song, I don't think he had a bad game at all!

I also thought that Denilson had a great game, very creative and attacking.

I think Wenger has a tough decision on who to start up front for the Chelsea game... What a game Bendtner had!!! He won practicly every header!! I would rather see Bendtner starting up front in place of Adebayor.
Also wouldnt mind seeing eduardo paired up with van Persie.

Diaby also had an excellent game on the left!

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see Bendtner and Van Persie start together up front against CSKA Chelski. Ade has looked really tired and had a poor touch of late (I stopped counting how many times he was the man who gave the ball away to 'Boro), and I think the whole leading-the-league-in-scoring thing may be getting to his head a bit. A game or two on the subs bench for Ade might be good for both him and also giving the hungry Bendtner a chance to start in the Prem.

Anonymous said...

This is a well engineered comments' post i very much appreciate all you who posted.
Well, in my opinion, i would go for Denilson being man of the match he anchored very well he followed where the ball went providing a good number of options, to Song all i can say is he is greatly improved but lacks the confidence and am sick of Diarra holding on the ball too much, yet my opinion on Bendtner and Adebayor wont much differ from most, Bendtner is way too composed and a threat than Ade really is, to Lehmann, is there any more room for improvement, certainly not, he is gone to waste and can be blamed for that deficit, poor positioning and command!!

Anonymous said...

The reason why Denilson had a good game was because Song played the role of sidekick very well. I don't think Diarra is ready to start in the midfield for Arsenal and Gilberto doesn't care anymore. I hope Wenger has learnt the lesson from the borough game, Diarra + Gilberto in the midfield just didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Song was really good in midfield, allowing Denilson to work and go forward sometime. He has improve a lot. You should give him more credit mate definately!

omar said...

the problem is you guys get carried away really fast... its true ive been also very frustrated by adebayor lately buti dont really think wenger is gonna drop him for bendtner yet.when eduardo scored twice against sheffield united every1 said oh he should play and everything then after the matches against newscastle and boro people were saying hees crap and stuff. i personally feel walcott is a bigger threat than eboue on the right too but the bottom line is aslong as adebayor and eboue keep playing then they deserve to play coz no1 should really even be questioning arsene wenger