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Friday, December 21, 2007

The woman behind Hleb’s resurgence

By Aries

Alexander Hleb’s performances this season have been an absolute revelation. His fantastic skills and energetic commitment have been one of the most important reasons why Arsenal are top of the League.

This wasn’t the case last season where his form was at the lowest ebb since he came to the club with a lot of fans voicing their dismay at his inept performances.

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”. And it seems that this saying is being proved true in Alexander’s case.

Her name is Anastasia Kosenkova (Nastya) and sings for the pop group “Topless”

Hleb said: “My wedding will be in the summer. For a long time I’ve been looking for the girl of my dreams and I have finally found her. Nastya is a very nice and pure person.”

His mother should be pleased because at the time of his move to Arsenal she said:

"He doesn't have a girlfriend - he's so obsessed with his career that he has no time. I hope he meets someone nice soon."

Apparently Nastya fell in love with Hleb after watching him on TV.

“I thought: ‘What a Teddy-boy!’” she said.

And what a beauty she is! Well on you Alex.

Can you please score against Spurs on Saturday?


Anonymous said...

well done hleb, working on and off the pitch

Anonymous said...

She is a beauty really, uhmm I would mind going on a date with her ha ha. Good on you Hleb I'm eastern european as well so my girl looks like her :)

Anonymous said...

Marks out of 10

I would give her 1, 10 times over

Well done Hleb

Anonymous said...

I just wanna congratulate you on this blog. You always get the scoops! Keep up the good work

Unknown said...

Chief, its getting ridiculous. I keep reading posts that cant be verified anywhere. Anyway if its true, then big-ups to Hleb! She's hot!!

Anonymous said...

After all the publicity about fat franks bird and terrys b!tch, this girl is by far more attractive. Top marks Hleb, get in there my son!!

Anonymous said...

Nastya... one of the best WAG nams of all time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope that theirs descendant will play for us.
Bravo Alex

Anonymous said...

He started by scoring on the pitch at the beginning of the season, and now he's scoring off it!! Hope he uses some of that magic 2mora!!

Anonymous said...

So nothing to do with the change in emphasis up front and the fact he's been given the channels to play in then.

Shameless hit chasing article.

Anonymous said...

anyone else think she looks a bit like scarlett johansson?

Anonymous said...

Yes nischit she is more beautiful i think!

Anonymous said...

he already scored ;)

Anonymous said...

heres the source!

Anonymous said...

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