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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sorry guys its players and their mentality that need change not the England coach

By the Coach

Once again, history repeats itself.

Based on the wrong assumption that England has the best players in the World (or something close to it), we all rush to agree that the only thing the FA needs to get right in order to fulfill our destiny and dominate world football is to find and employ one of the best coaches available.

Sorry guys, back in the real world everyone understands that no matter who the coach is it is the players and their mentality that need to change.

To put it differently, perhaps in a manner that should easily be understood by all, if Brazil, Argentina or Italy were to appoint Steve McLaren as their Manager, they will still be winning trophies and rule world football.

Capello is a good coach; no one can deny this. His record speaks of itself. But so was Sven Goran Ericsson. However, it is not just sufficient to have a good coach to head the team. After all, the coach does not get on the pitch to play football. Only the players can do that.

But just as you do not find a top team in the Premier League that is predominantly all English , the same is true for the national side.

Yes, exceptional English players such as Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand, Lampard or Joe Cole can be vital component parts of a team capable of reaching the top in the world.

However, the minute you get eleven English players on the field, the team becomes too square, predictable and lacking in flair, skill, imagination and those distinctive competences that are necessary to succeed and be the best in the World.

As we reiterated in previous articles on this site, the problem is not the nationality of the players but rather the way they are brought up.

In England they learn to play the physical game and they are discouraged from exploring their potential to create (dribbling is a sin in English football).

The value system of coaches, referees and even reporters in England is such that is not conducive to change. Footballers have to fit this stereo-type mould that has been created by the trainers, the officials and the media.

It takes years or even a generation for a culture to change.

But first we need to make a start by realising that the coach is not England’s real problem.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I totally agree with your comments. Until the English learn to play the game without resorting to being over-physical, we will continue to under-achieve. Funny how we seem to resent foreigners plying their trade in the PL, but are happy to have a foreigner lead and manage the national team. lol

Anonymous said...

Yes...but its thejob of the coach to change that mentality. Come on you should know that. Look at the culture of change at Arsenal...

Anonymous said...

Yes, but at Arsenal Wenger changed the personnel first in order to change the culture. He did not attempt to teach eleven English players to play diffeently. He knew that would have failed.