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Monday, December 17, 2007

Trialist Dimitrov brings an English dictionary to training

By Aries

As originally reported on this site Arsenal have asked permission from defending Bulgarian champions Levski to take youngster Nikolay Dimitrov (age 20) on trial.

The invitation, signed by Arsene Wenger himself was for one week and starts from today 17th December 2007.

True to his promise Dimitrov flew to London yesterday to begin his trial period clatching along with his baggage an English dictionary.

Bulgarian press are reporting that since his English is not really up to standard he took a dictionary with him so that he could understand what was being said.

Just how this may help him, when he is running around with the ball at London Colney or when Arsene Wenger is giving him instructions, is difficult to fathom.

Maybe his agent Traicho Sokolov who accompanied him to London could be providing the necessary translation.

Dimitrov has played 65 matches for Levski, including 43 starts, since making his senior debut in the 2004/05 season, scoring 12 goals.

Touted as one of Levski's brightest talents, he usually plays on the left side midfield, but has also been deployed as a striker.

As you can see from the video clip of Dimitrov’s exploits for Levski Sofia he looks a very skillful left winger who has a very sweet left foot.

He has a lot of “Wenger” type qualities such as being able to run with the ball at speed, a high level of technical ability and he can score goals. His free kick ability is also very good.

Dimitrov could become Levski's second youngster capped at the under-21 level to join a club from England's "big four". Goalkeeper Nikolay Mihaylov joined Liverpool this summer.

Also his colleague at Levski, Valeri Domovchiyski is about to join Blackburn Rovers.


Anonymous said...

At least he is taking it seriously esp since his agaend is with him. His video shots look good too.

Conor999 said...

This is another video of carlos vela

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