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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wenger: “England got a Rolls Royce in Capello but still complain when I buy foreign”

By Aries

In an interview given by Arsene Wenger to “France Football” he has characterised the FA’s choice of Fabio Capello as head coach of the England National team as “getting a Rolls Royce. It is a very good choice” he said.

“England has very good players. They cannot call into question the talent of Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard. But there are things to be corrected in the team, essential things. And Capello is a strong man, capable of finding solutions”.

However he proceeded to point out that there is a paradox in the FA opting for a foreign coach.

“They reproach for me for making use of too many foreign players yet England chooses a foreign selector!”

Arsene Wenger is right of course.

It is indeed rather cynical that Arsenal and Wenger have been heavily criticised for buying mostly foreign players when the country’s own Football Association decides to employ a foreign coach over the available English options!


Anonymous said...

spot on !

Anonymous said...

The FA are hypocrites. They also haven't acknowledged that the EPL has become the most popular and richest football league in the world largely due to the fact people in the UK as well as around the world wanted to see stars such as Henry, Drogba, Zola, Torres and Ronaldo. Its okay to make money off the foreign players to get a big tv contract and complain about the cow you're getting your milk from.

Anonymous said...

pot calling the kettle black? i rest my case.