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Friday, December 07, 2007

Medical reports on Henry suggest Wenger was right to sell him

By Aries

Arsene Wenger has a reputation for scouting and selecting the best talent from all over the world who once put through his close and astute tutelage at London Colney more often than not emerge to become stars and world renown.

Wenger however should be given equal acclaim for doing, in terms of transfer deals, the opposite: Knowing when to let go of a player.

He has done it so many times in the past and he has an uncanny way of getting it right. Overmars, Petit, Vieira have all struggled to varying degrees after they departed. But the fees received have all been lucrative especially when considered in hindsight.

One transfer, the biggest and most talked about was that of Henry. Arguably the best player to play for Arsenal and probably in the Premier League. At the time the size of the transfer fee, a mere 16m, raised eyebrows.

Now, what a lot of people suspected, appears to be coming true. Reports coming out of Barcelona are indicating that the back injury which sidelined Henry for five months in his last season at Arsenal has returned and it is so serious that he is out “indefinitely”.

Barcelona club doctors have warned that his "chronic" condition has no cure and tends to deteriorate with age.

Apparently he has been diagnosed as suffering a dehydration of the inter vertebral disc L5-S1 in his lower back. It is believed that his condition dated back a number of years.

Barcelona's former vice-president Sandro Rosell said: "Whoever signed him deserves a clip round the ear"

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Anonymous said...

HA HA HA, Wenger your some Del boy! Selling damaged good's! Henrys a legend but as Wenger knew he is past his sell by date!

123abu said...

AW will buy back TH for 16m anytime.It was TH who wanted to leave and not AW.Please dont give such PLATINI COMPLIMENTS to AW.

No dowry please!
Long time ago when a sound and good groom said NO TO DOWRY,all and sundry would doubt his health and character!

You are doing it exactly the same with TH in his second marriage with Barca!

Anonymous said...

By the way, PLATINI COMPLIMENTS is newly coined to mean "Jealous and unfair criticism not based on facts especially from someone claiming to be a friend"!

Anonymous said...

by design or convenience it does not matter - the fact is a 'damaged goods' was offloaded without recourse to warranty - great for business

on another note, however it's sad to henry in this position as you would feel for any once accomplished pros, star or not

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff

Anonymous said...

Dehydration or dessication of the intervertebral disc as it is often called is one of the earliest signs of degenerative disease of the spine or arthritis. It is as simple as it sounds: The disc, which is partly made up of water starts to dry up. Millions of us will develop it as we age the same as we do arthritis anywhere else. In some people like Henry, it may happen earlier due to back injury.

Anonymous said...

Its good to have someone with medical knowledge deciphering these medical conditions!

Flower girldresses said...
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