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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who would Wenger take from Chelsea’s side?

By 1970’s Gooner

Every manager and every fan probably thinks that his team’s players are the best. As Wenger once remarked “every man believes that their wife is the prettiest”.

Well if you had asked Arsene Wenger which Chelsea players if any he would put into the Arsenal side which would he choose?

What follows of course is a personal view and I am sure that a lot of you whether you are Arsenal or Chelsea fans would have different views. But remember football, as many things in life, is all about opinions.


For me the choice between Cech and Almunia or even Lehmann is rather straight forward. Almunia really still has to prove himself and suffers from occasional lapses in decision making. And Lehmann’s problems are well documented.

Cech has been almost faultless for Chelsea. He hardly has any weaknesses. He is very good in the air and his positioning and shot stopping are second to none. It takes something special to beat him. Cech it is.

Right back

There’s really no comparison between Sagna and Beletti or Ferrera who has played in that position before. Sagna has taken to the Premiership like a duck to water. Beletti has good technique and is useful going forward but defensively he comes up short. Sagna without a doubt.

Left back

Well what a choice. Ashley Cole Vs Gael Clichy. Who’s the best? Cole has not been at his best since he left Arsenal as many other stars who chose to leave Wenger’s tutelage find out to their cost. Injuries have not helped him of course. But they are very similar players which is not a surprise as it is the master that moulded them into what they are today.

Clichy edges it for me as he has shown more endeavour going forward and his pace has enabled him to compensate some of his positional inexperience.

Centre Backs

Here we have a choice of two between four players. Toure, Gallas, Terry and Carvalho/Alex. All very good defenders and a very difficult choice for anyone to make.

My reasoning tells me that Kolo Toure has to be in the line up as he has pace, positional awareness and tenacity. These attributes are mostly matched by Terry. These leaves out the exceptional Gallas and Carvalho but there can only be two centre backs I am afraid. Alex is not in the same league as any of them.

Wide midfielders

The choice is between Joe Cole, Wright Philips, Rosicky and Hleb. There are others such as Eboue and Walcott from Arsenal and Malouda and maybe Kalou for Chelsea but the first four if fit would probably start for either team.

Philips has pace but his crossing and distribution of the ball still needs to improve. Joe Cole is a more mature player now and can score goals with ease but is not as penetrative as a wide midfielder should be.

Arsenal’s pair of Rosicky and Hleb can be penetrative and very dexterous with the ball. Maybe they could score more goals but their overall play and technical ability puts them easily ahead of the Chelsea pair.

Rosicky and Hleb it is then.

Central midfielders

Essien and Lampard Vs Fabregas and Flamini. We are spoiled for choice again. Of the four I would choose Essien and Fabregas.

Fabregas is undoubtedly the most creative of the four and now he has added goals to his repertoire there is no one better to play that pivotal role of dictating play.

He will need a more defensively minded player next to him as all teams tend to have. I would choose Essien over Flamini as he has more strength, goals and generally more experience.


Assuming our system is 4 4 2 then the choice is two from Drogba, Kalou, Shefchenko, Pizzaro, Adebayor ,Van Persie and Bendtner. I think the choice is easy for me.

Drogba’s strength, aerial ability and goal scoring prowess easily edges out the improving Adebayor. And to play along or just behind him what a choice we have in Robin Van Persie who will be able to feed off Drogba’s lay offs with ease. What a powerful combination they would make.

Arsenal Chelsea combined 11


Sagna Toure Terry Clichy

Rosicky Fabregas Essien Hleb

Drogba Van Persie


Anonymous said...

spot on. a fair assessment of both teams players

Anonymous said...

Fair assessment, though I would much prefer Gallas over Terry.

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