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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Arsenal transfers: Two could go out, one should come in

By 1970’s Gooner

Arsene Wenger has stated that he will not buy in the transfer window.

"We will not go into the transfer market even though we are losing two centre backs”. He admitted there was one circumstance in which he might consider a purchase. "If I was offered the bargain of the century"!

It is of course logical for Arsene Wenger not to go into the market for a centre back. Why splash the cash on a new centre back that may probably be useful just for two months, or even less, until Kolo Toure returns from ANC duty in Ghana.

There is also the future of the existing two young centre backs, Djourou and Senderos to consider. If he doesn’t give them their chance now when will he?

But there are two other positions where Arsene Wenger’s hand may be forced, pushing him to consider going into the market. The first concerns the goalkeeper position and the other the need to reduce the plethora of central midfielders so as to release space for the up coming younger players.


Jens Lehmann is pondering a move back to Germany for his previous club Dortmund. He needs to move away from Arsenal so that he can get regular first team football and therefore keep his place in the Germany team for the on coming Euro 2008.

The ideal for Arsenal of course is to keep him until the end of the season but this doesn’t look very likely. His departure will, I feel, leave Arsenal short in this very important position.

Almunia is getting more experienced and a lot of Gooners are feeling increasingly safer with him between the goal posts. Wenger is, for sure. But what lies behind him?

Yes Fabiansky looked very useful on the few appearances he put in so far for the first team but if Almunia got injured is he really ready and experienced enough in this League to deputise adequately?

And to take matters one step further what if, as happened at Chelsea, the need arises to bring in the third choice goalkeeper, 19 year old Vito Mannone? Is he up to it or will we see our title aspirations evaporate for lack of depth in this position?

If pushed it may be alright to take chances with almost all the other outfield positions (as we will with Kolo going away) but on the goalkeeper position I would argue that it’s not really advisable if not reckless.

That is why I would think that Arsenal should first be looking to keep Lehmann and failing that look to bring in an experienced goalkeeper who will be trusted to deputise adequately should the need arise.

Due to my affiliation to Wolves I make a point of watching all their televised games and also a few others as well. I am extremely impressed with young Wayne Hennessey (20), the Wales goalkeeper.

He is a very assured, brave and confident goalkeeper. He is equally good in the air and on the ground and he reminds me of Bob Wilson on his one to ones- almost faultless! He is ready to step into Premiership football now. He is that good.

The local paper the “Express and Star” has yesterday linked him to Arsenal and so has “The People”. His going price is 4m and I hope it’s not just transfer window speculation.

Central midfielders

The speculation here is that Diarra is coveted by a lot of Premiership teams and that is understandable.

He is only 22, a full France international, a really strong and tenacious central midfielder who can also play equally well at right back with fantastic potential. No wonder Wenger wants to keep him.

But to do that he needs to release space among the numerous central midfielders clogging up the football club.

There’s Fabregas, Flamini, Gilberto, Diaby, Denilson, Song, Randall and don’t forget that Djourou can play that position well.

The most obvious candidate to be allowed to go is Gilberto.

Firstly he is reaching the end of his useful life for Arsenal (his performances this season have been testimony to that- no wonder the captain’s arm band has been given to Gallas) and secondly the financial profit for Arsenal will be very handsome.

Juventous and a few other clubs who have shown interest are likely to fork out a few million pounds for his signature but more importantly Arsenal will be saving his substantial salary which runs into a few million pounds a year!

In fact if this happens it may turn out just like the Ljumberg transfer to West Ham. Very lucrative to Arsenal!

This will give the chance to the rest of the midfielders like Diarra and Diaby in particular to have more chances of playing in that position and therefore developing their full potential for Arsenal.

Potential which is very promising indeed.


Anonymous said...

Agree with the analysis but I would try and keep Gilberto until the end of the year

Anonymous said...

Gilberto should have been sold a bot ago to be honest. look at it this way. Last season we were bullied out of games, this year we are not.

Anonymous said...

Both Lehmann and Gilberto should go. Fabiansky is good enough

Anonymous said...

Iìd keep Gilberto and let Diarra go if he wants to go. The guys sounds like pure trouble.

Anonymous said...

dont be silly ole. Diarra is a class player who will be very useful to arsenal and also whose value will prob quadrupple in a few years!

Anonymous said...

True that we need an exprienced goalkeeper

Anonymous said...

time up Gilberto and Thankyou for your services. Juve will do you good

Wrighty7 said...

Good post 1970's. It pains me to say this, but I'd release Gilberto. He has been a superb servant to Arsenal but I feel now is the right time for him and the club to leave. It makes sense money-wise for both parties and I think we need to do whatever it takes to keep Diarra. He has fantastic potential and will be great for Arsenal, IF he patient I must add.

Anonymous said...

Jens and Gilberto should go in January, especially if it means Diarra staying , as he should definitely stay!

I love Gilberto, but his styke does not suit us and he has allowed himself to be bullied a few times, which is strange for a muscle bound 6 footer!

Anonymous said...

Good piece but your choice of keeper doesn't seem logical, given that he is inexperienced. Fabianski is an international so if Lehmann left he (Fabianksi) would surely be ahead of your pick.

Whilst I think you're absolutely right that if Lehmann does leave we must bring in another keeper, I'd go in the opposite direction to you and go for a much older keeper. A Lukic (second time round) type who's on the verge of retirement (maybe with an interest in coaching) but can be relied on for the odd game - and let's be honest here it would be the odd game if any at all.

Anonymous said...

i also agree that we need another goalkeeper.

fabiansky as an international would play a few games a year if any as he is not first choice for poland anyway nor is he for arsenal.

if i am not mistaken hennessey has been playing day in day out for wolves and he would be an interesting alternative

Jayjinho said...


Anonymous said...

Why would Wayne Hennessey be any better than Fabianski? A goalkeeper with no premiership experience bought in as cover for a goalkeeper with no premiership experience. Seems like we would have too many inexperienced goalkeepers.

Anonymous said...

gilberto should go. diarra should stay. hes a quatlity player. hes a bit annoyed cause hes not playing that many games but thats understandable. A player of hes talent should be playing more often, but he will get his chance in the 2nd half of the season.

Anonymous said...

agree with 1970's. i really think gilberto's time is up. it'll be a win win for both to part ways.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ole, get rid of Diarra , he'hes a shit-stirrer and his passing game is generally shit, as for Gilberto well I think he's served his time well although its bloody good to have someone like him in the side for the remainder of the season.

Anonymous said...

why splash money on a centre back for 2 months?!


Because if we don't, we may not win the premier league!!! Kolo is a massive loss, and we need 3 top class centre backs in any case.

If we want the premier league, we need a centre back as good as Kolo to play alongside Gallas. Djourou and Senderos are simply not good enough.

Look how much man ure improved once vidic settled in alongside ferdinand!

Anonymous said...

This just need to happen, so am really gratefull 2 Gilberto and Lehman they have really tried 4 Arsenal but it seems they are old enough to quit the club and allow other young players to rise.

For the goalKeeper, let's take Chelsea's last season case 4 example when they lost their first and second goalkeeper, it was Hilario that safe them, third goalkeeper for that matter, so we do rather prepare for an unexpected things like that before the transfer window close for this January and go for Wayne Hennessey to be our third goalkeeper should incase of any injury.

Lastly, let's keep Lasana Diara he is a good player strong and focused he will still do better than this we can see this from our mathches when fabregas, Flamini & Hleb was injured.

Anonymous said...

I think Diarra is a stupid boy as he is possibly throwing up a glittering career with the best club in England/Europe. Much as I would like to see him stay and develop, a moaning player can be unsettling in a club.
The best result for us is if he is part-exchanged for Benzema at Lyon as they appear to want Diarra. This was free up our overmanned midfield and provide extra thrust up front, especially if he can play on the left

Anonymous said...

i think if i were either Diaby or Diarra i would also be somewhat upset that flamingo gets picked every week ahead of me. HJe's not fit to lace their boots. We need to sign a world class centre back, we only have one, and it certainly is not Kolo Toure who has been woeful for Arsenal in all but one fantastic flash in the pan season

Josh said...

Gilberto's top qualtiy he just went through a rough patch but denying his talent is like to say Adebayor's not a good player I mean 26 league goals. That's four away from Henry's record. Hleb I hope stays because no-one can keep up with his feet and plus our first team injuries have been the maiun cause to our lack of luck and trophies this season.