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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blackburn: Domovchiyski to Levski “Let me play for Blackburn”

By Aries

As you may recall Levski’s Nicolay Dimitrov has been on trial with Arsenal last month and a decision is awaited from Arsene Wenger this coming week.

This will be taken after Arsenal’s scout Bobby Bennet sends in his report from Israel where he was sent to watch Dimitrov play today in a friendly against Dynamo Kiev.

Similarly Dimitrov’s colleague Valeri Domovchiyski has had a trial with Blackburn which finished last week. Mark Hughes however is still not sure whether to offer a contract to Valeri. Blackburn will in fact be offering to keep him on loan for a further six months until they make their minds up.

Levski however are not that keen as they want to sell the player outright. This has angered Domovchiyski who desperately wants to play in the Premier League.

"I really want to play in the Premiership. I doubt that anyone would turn down such an offer," the striker said yesterday on coming back from England to the Bulgarian journalists waiting at the airport.

"For the moment they say they can take me only for the summer and they'll send an offer to FC Levski in a couple of days. I hope to reach an agreement with the management when they call me to talks," Valeri said.

Domovchiyski said he was not worried about the tough competition at the Ewood Park.

"FC Blackburn have many good players. It will be tough, but I am not scared. I'll claim my place among their strikers. Everything in the team is perfect. All you think of is football. We had a practice with the assistant manager.

Mark Hughes was just watching on us from outside. I was quite surprised by the physical fitness of their players. They are working out in the gym all day.

And I'll work out like them if the management of Levski let me join Blackburn" he said.

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