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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wenger to reconsider Mputu signing in Arsenal's friendly game against Mazembe

By Aries

Tresor Mputu, as has recently been reported on this site, has finished a ten day trial at Arsenal but as yet there are no official news.

This is after Wenger himself stated that he was impressed with the player and the player’s agent predicting that the deal was as good as done!

However, as reported, this delay has energised Standard Liege of Belgium who had shown a very keen interest to bring Mputu to Belgium prior to Arsenal “high jacking” the player.

But there are also other suitors to Mputu’s signature.

According to the official Standard Liege site it appears that a firm offer has in the meantime been made for by the Tunisian club l'Espérance

Fabio Baglio, Mputu’s agent has since denied this!

“It would surprise me that the transfer is successful, he said. “There remains a very small chance that he can land in Standard Liège, but the most likely is that Mputu remains for six months more in Mazembe (his club), before finding a good European club. "

Is this good European club to be Arsenal again?

Press reports from DR Congo as well Mputu’s club,TP Mazembe’s official site have published the news that Arsene Wenger himself had invited the club to London for a series of friendlies, including Arsenal.

It states: “TP Mazembe will be the first African club to be officially invited to face a big English team; Tresor Mputu will be captain for the game”.

For the coach of TP Mazembe, Muntubile Santos, this invitation is deemed to be very timely, since it will allow his team to prepare against the “big” teams in London, prior to the team’s first game in the Africa champions League in the middle of February.

This information was revealed to the press by the president of TP Mazembe Moise Katumbi who read out the letter received from Arsene Wenger himself!

The deputation of TP Mazembe, will consist of 25 persons and is going to stay in England for two weeks as from January 20th.

They will play a series of friendly games in London which Arsene Wenger has even offered to arrange, inclusive of course of Arsenal.

This will give Arsene Wenger one last opportunity to have another close look at Tresor Mputu in action against strong English opposition in as real a match situation as possible.

If he decides to sign the player the dates for the friendly games are such that will allow enough time for him to make his mind up.

After London, Mazembe will be moving to Brussels where they will spend one week. A match against Belgian club Standard Liege is already arranged for this purpose.


Anonymous said...

This ties in very well with what wenger said that he needs to see the real character of players under match conditions

Anonymous said...

I am not sure we need another good forward. We got far too many of them to be honest.

What I want to see Wenger hunting for good youth wingers. The lack of width really cost us points this season.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 8.28
we need wingers than forwards but who is to say that wenger will not turn this pint sised player into a winger!

Anonymous said...

At least the TP Mazembe site confirms this...

Anonymous said...

This site is amazing. I get to read news about Arsenal here that I do not find even in the national press let alone other blogs!

Anonymous said...

It is almost like its was made up lol.

Anonymous said...*

If your french is as good as mine...

Anonymous said...

why would wenger sign up for a friendly with a team from africa during the middle of the season...unless strictly reserves will play...and by this i mean the level below our carling cup team

Anonymous said...

it will probably be our CC team and other reserves v them in a behind closed doors game. they might even play some other reserve teams in London. good blog this.
however, I agree with earlier poster that we have enough strikers. maybe wenger thinks RVP is injury prone?