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Saturday, January 05, 2008

“Dimitrov’s trial at Arsenal attestation of good work”: Levski’s manager

By Aries

It’s nice to have a national newspaper like the Independent confirming the story that “Arsenal Analysis” broke to the Arsenal fans first as far back as the 15th of December!

The Independent with its story headlined “Arsenal close in on Bulgarian wing Dimitrov” state that “a decision on whether to buy him should be taken next week”.

This hopefully will help to shut up all those doubting Thomases that could not believe that a site like ours could get such a scoop or find such stories that were not reported on the official media.

In fact some jealous Arsenal fan sites were even spreading rumours that it was all a figment of our imagination!

In fact to go one step further The Independent has got one fact wrong! The article states that Dimitrov is rubbing shoulders with David Beckham at London Colney!

“Dimitrov might have been surprised yesterday to have found himself training alongside David Beckham..” it says.

Well we have news for you…Dimitrov has in fact finished his one week trial period at London Colney (he even trained at the Emirates on an open day while he was there) and returned to Bulgaria last week!

We reported about it three days ago on this site “Arsenal confirms interest in Nikolay Dimitrov” where we reported that PFC Levski’s official site stated that the club received communication from Arsenal which is positive about the player.

“PFC Levski President Todor Batkov received today (2nd January 2008) a fax from Arsenal which expresses the very positive impression which Nikolay Dimitrov made to Arsene Wenger and his coaching staff during his one-week trial in London and their wish to follow his performances during the forthcoming training camp of PFC Levski in Eilat, Israel”.

Just how can Dimitrov be at Arsenal still on trial when Arsenal itself had already sent a letter to his club thanking them for their cooperation at the end of the trial is a mystery to us!

In fact here is the picture of Dimitrov arriving at Sofia’s airport published by Bulgarian sports newspaper “Gong”

And here is a picture published by another Bulgarian sports newspaper “Topsport” with Dimitrov training with his team mates at their training ground in Sofia only yesterday!

He is the one in the centre of the picture with the number 24 next to Matev (number 28).

Levski is very keen to see its prodigies do well and play for bigger clubs and they are doing their best to facilitate the transfers of their players.

As reported on this site a few days ago they have given their permission to Arsenal to send a scout to Israel to follow up Dimitrov during their winter training there.

The signs look positive for Dimitrov and Levski’s manager Stanimir Stoilov's is very pleased with his progress:

“What happens with Nikolay Dimitrov (and Valeri Domovchiysky) is a great joy to me. We succeeded in attracting the attention of the serious football clubs. Nikolay's results in Arsenal FC are an excellent attestation for our team's good work”.

Valeri Domovchiysky is currently on trial with Blackburn.

It has been reported in the Bulgarian press that Levski will request 1 million euros for Dimitrov's transfer.

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