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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Player analysis and Ratings Vs Fulham. Arsenal score goals from crosses!

By 1970’s Gooner

What we were all asking for from last season was variation in Arsenal’s play. Variation in the built up towards the opponents goalmouth so that defenders and midfielders would not be too sure of what Arsenal would do with the ball.

Too often in the past we would try and knit the pretty patterns and more often than not try to get through the middle of their defence. All they had to do was to pack the midfield and tuck in front of their goal.

Now we are seeing the crosses come in from the wings and we are witnessing headers at goal. And it was from crosses from the wings that all three goals were scored at the Cottage.

The first was from excellent work from the left from the impressive (again) Clichy who put in a beautiful cross in the heart of Fulham’s defence and Adebayor rose above everybody else to leave Niemi stranded. It was a very similar goal Adebayor scored at Aston Vila.

The second was almost a carbon copy of the first with good work on the right wing by Hleb who put in a precise cross in the same spot where Clichy had put his for the first goal. Again Adebayor rose above everybody else to head it home.

Fulham did not offer anything going forward even after they switched to 4 4 2 with the giant Kuqi coming on.

The third goal came after excellent work from the penetrative Eduardo who sprinted into the by line from the left leaving defenders behind him. His low cross was powered in by the on coming Rosicky who made a lot of ground to get into the area.

Arsenal worked the wings well something that was missing against Birmingham where Walcott was pretty ineffective. Against Fulham however Rosicky, although not having a spectacular game, provided that width and Eduardo was also having the same effect on the other side when Hleb was coming in field.

He impressed me with his close control and passing which have vastly improved. He seems to be much more at ease with the way Arsenal play and is beginning to fit in quite nicely.


Not much to do but his handling from crosses oozed confidence. 8


Very good defencively and got forward a lot more than in recent games. 7


Another sterling performance. Did not put a foot wrong and got forward quite a lot. Put in a beautiful cross for the first goal. 9


Solid. 8


Another good and strong display. He will feel a lot better for having put in a good performance for the second game running. I have a feeling he will prove equal to the task of filling in Toure’s absence. He has to improve his distribution however. 8


The usual full of running and energetic performance. 8


Still below his best. A few passes still going astray and is not running the show as much as he used to before. He would have found it difficult if the opponent was more physical and more pressing on the ball. 6


A solid if unspectacular display but at least stretched the play on the wing, did not give the ball away, helped back in defence and scored the third goal! 7


Full of trickery and helped organize the play along with Fabregas. Put in the cross for the second goal. 7


Improving all the time as he gets used to the premier League and its tight and physical marking. I can see what Wenger saw in him to pay 7.5 m. Van Persie’s absence might not hurt us that much. Created the third goal with a beautiful run on the left wing crossing for Rosicky to score. 8


Very impressive with his headers for the two goals. But, as with the Newcastle game where he scored a very good goal early on, his contribution for the rest of this game was average to me. He needs to improve his control and hold the ball up rather than try and lay off the pass immediately. Still if he can play averagely and score two goals every game we can’t complain can we? 7

Man Of The Match: Clichy


Anonymous said...

Arsenal played well but I felt that Fulham were not up to it and made tha Arsenal players look better.

Clichy was awsome once again though!

Anonymous said...

agree with most of your analysis but i think you are being a bit harsh with Ade. a striker should be judged on goals. His all round game is average but then was shearer wasn't much of a ball player and he didn;t do too badly. Without Ade goals where would we be. Let the boy continue to develop and im sure we will see a marked improvement in his decision making and allround game

Anonymous said...

To give Eduardo an 8 and then Ade a 7 is a disgrace!

Edu was not bad but he did not score two goals and play well all round. he lost the ball many times more than Ade.

Anonymous said...

Ade apart from the two goals was not in the game. What happens if we play against a better team where scoring will be more difficult. he has to improve his all round game.

Anonymous said...

Eduardo has really come on and in such a short space of time. This is very encouraging for the run in

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand you Ade bashers. I saw the game today and he was fantastic not just in scoring (which makes him MOM anyway) but his target play, passing and pace down the wings. I just think you lot must watch different matches than the rest of us - arer you all just pissed?

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with your analysis on Ade. I thought he was fantastic today.

Anonymous said...

Dude, what are you thinking? Eduardo 8, Ade 7? On the contrary, Eduardo is the one whose link-up play has been quite bad frankly even if he did get that assist.

Anonymous said...

apart from the two goals ade had a pretty average game

skuggi said...

"Apart from the two goals Ade had a pretty avarage game" One would think that this comment was meant as an irony and/or sarcasm over the ever willing Ade's critisizers. But I suspect it is not. Two brilliant headers, two goals. Apart from that, who cares??? But then again, on second thought, it must be sarcasm. If not.. certainly one of the most stupid comments ever made.

Anonymous said...

Tomas Rosicky is easily right now the most underestimated player of Arsenal by you ultra-ignorants when it comes to football. I was watching the game, and i was Thanking God that i had a real World Football SUPERSTAR playmaker on the wings (and Captain of the Chech team which right now is like...100 times better than England, lol), and NOT That Useless prick Theo!!
Now please, don't know if you are English, but if you are, take it easy with the Pints mate, and learn to appreciate players like Tomas!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Cesc wasnt that bad! And y are u ppl always giving bad ratings to Ade and Rosicky?? U seen to hate them and Eboue!

Adebayor wasnt bad at all...

Anonymous said...

Tomas had another very good game and I'm not sure what he has to do to get recognition!!

Ade and Ed also had good games up top. Ed showed us a bit more of his true-self now that he is feeling more comfortable in the team and less like the new-boy. He is a good dribbler and a clever player, but I hope he doesn't become too selfish as he develops. He was a little lucky that Tomas raced in to score the third because, if the chance had been wasted, we would be critising Ed for not passing it off first time to Hleb, who would have been one-on-one with the keeper.

Ade also had a very good game and has recaptured his form after two dodgy months. The fact he scrored twice though must put him ahead of Ed in the player ratings.

I always disagree with some of your player ratings, but that's the point of the blog I think. I like to see other people opinions and if we all had the same opinions it would be a sad and boring world!! In fact the stranger your posts, the better, as it creates good discussion.

Finally, I take my hat off to bloggers who have the passion to run a website. For people to slag-off the fact you have an opinion on your own site is outrageous. If you don't like the man's opinions, say so or don't log on - but don't tell him not to post his opinions. It's his site, he can do what he likes with it!!!!

Anonymous said...

many things in life are all about opinion.. everyone likes different style of play. the point made me be a gunner is the player's free flowing passing games, real beautiful game. if they couldn't do that, they might be good players, they would not be good enough to play for Arsenal.. my opinion.

turnerman said...

ade gives arsenal another dimension in beating sides with 11 players behind the ball!!for a tall player hes fucking great almost as good as willie young.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you lot - 3 easy points, three cracking goals - and all you want to do is sit and slag everyone off -

SO WHAT if some of them didnt fire on all cylinders - Do you each day at work......??

Greta game, great win and get behind them for Tuesday, dont go on!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

stop criticising you guys. football is all about opinions. the site has its opinion and is not afraid to publish it. in fact if i am not mistaken this site is the first to publish ratings so soon after the game. it does not wait to see what others are saying like some other blogs!
in fact i happen to agree about ade. his all round game needs to improve. lets not get carried away with the two goals he scored. he scored a wonderful goal vs newcastle but did not do much after that. we dropped two pints in that game remember.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to see Rosicky to be more appreciated. The last games he has always contributed. He is a player that scores importanted goals(last week he didn't play against birmingham and we all know how that ended). It's just a shame that Wenger don't let him play more like he did in second half. He's 30% better central and pops up in front off the goal regularly!(my excuse iff i use wrong English words or grammar, but i'm from Belgium)

Anonymous said...

Your english is very good mate. and you are right about rosicky

Wrighty7 said...

Its great to see more variation in Arsenals play. Its makes us less predictable to the oppisition and makes us more of threat. To win 3-0 against any Premiership is a great result and especially away!

Anonymous said...

Ade has done what he has to do as a striker. What more could you ask!? He's scored when he's had to score, pass when he's had to pass and make runs when he's had to make runs! I don't understand what more the guy has to do for you haters-I guess the guy will have to bleed red and white to convince some of these ingrates.
And as for Rosicky, I agree with all of your opinions/comments, Tomas is easily one of the most underrated and underestimated attacking wingers in the Arsenal squad and in the BPL in general. We have someone who rarely loses the ball, advances the play, links well with EVERYONE, intelligent, can track back and defend and can shoot his ass off. Sure he's better in the middle of the field but he's good enough to play and play DAMN GOOD out there on the wing. I feel much safer with his control, stability and ability out there rather than mr. walcott's. Any team in the BPL would love his services-just thank Arsene Arsenal hold it right now.

Respect your players, support your club and they will support you. Yours in football...Gooner 4lyf

Anonymous said...

I agree with guys I think Edu lost alot of passes and the fact that he made one fluky pass should not give him that rating above Ade...on the other hand Ade also wasnt as sharp as such though he did great by scoring those 2 goals. If he did that in every gme then I think he could have been very far with no. of goals better than Cristiano......And whats up with Ces? He is not just at his best....