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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Player analysis and ratings vs West Ham. The rhythm is back

By 1970’s Gooner

A much better performance with the passing game returning at last and all the players finding their form again.

The long balls were few and far in between although it was from a carbon copy Clichy through ball from deep in defence that set up Adebayor to race on in between West Ham’s central defenders and score from the acutest of angles in off the far post.

But what was a joy to watch was Eduardo’s electric finishing again as early as the 70th second which set the tone for the rest of the game. It was from then on very difficult for West Ham.

Wenger said some time ago that Eduardo will come good after Christmas…. Wenger knows….It was also Bilic that said that once Eduardo gets a goal his scoring rate will come in a glut. He was also right….

The most pleasing aspect of the game for me however was the return of Arsenal’s passing game and the rhythm that was so missing in the last few games. This will be very important in the important games to follow.


Didn’t have a lot do but what he did he did very well. I am increasingly feeling very safe with him in goal especially in his shot stopping and lightning fast excursions outside his area. 7


Looked rusty and in need of games. Made a few sloppy passes but improved in the second half. 6


Again for me the most accomplished player on the field. Never put a foot wrong and another assist to his name. What a find by Wenger. I have said it before: Ashley Cole, thanks for leaving Arsenal mate…. 9


Again strong and purposeful. A real leader. Did all that was required of his position: Covered well, won the headers and distributed simply. 8


Another rock in defence and with pace to burn. The same can be said of him as for Gallas. 8


Back to his best. Probing, challenging, winning the ball and bursting forward when required. 8


Near back to his best but getting there. The absence of Hleb helps him I think to assume centre stage. His passing has improved but still a few went astray. Tried a few shots something we have not seen recently. Once he gets back to his best so will Arsenal. 8


Continued his very good performances of late into this game. Looked hungry for the ball and was very energetic coming off his position infield dragging defenders with him and opening up space for the full back. 8


A performance which left me very pleasantly surprised. He was involved in a lot that was good for Arsenal from the right wing and for a change was precise in his passing. He also, like Rosicky, kept coming infield just behind the main strikers and found a lot of space in that hole. I liked him and lets hope he continues from here. 8


Looked a lot better now he had a supporting striker near him. Scored a very well taken goal from an angle that looked very prohibitive. If he can improve his passing and choose the right pass he will be even more effective. 7


The real deal; the real fox in the box that we have been missing. What a goal. Control with the chest a little swivel of the feet and bang one nil up! He obviously will get a lot better the more games he plays which will allow him to get acquainted with his fellow players and the ferocity of the Premier League. In Adebayor, Eduardo, Bendtner and Van Persie, Arsenal can now boast that they have a much more potent and in depth strike force than its main rivals. 8

Man of the Match: Gael Clichy


Hleb: Looked useful and purposeful when he came on
Walcott: Used his pace to get round defenders but his decision making still needs to improve


Anonymous said...

Diaby came on not Hleb...

Anonymous said...

Diaby came on as well as Hleb as Walcott. Diaby did not spend a lot of time on the pitch though. Thanks for pointing out that he came on though.

Anonymous said...

It is always nice to get the early goals and force West Ham to play a more open game. Eduardo is truly a penalty box player and if Arsenal can provide him 2 to 3 chances per game, I think we can be assured of at least one goal from his deadly finishing. Adeabyor's goal was amazing considering it was with his weaker left foot. An almost impossible angle. This is Hoyte's first EPL start this season so the rust is there. He did improve in the 2nd half. Unless he improves dramatically, Sagna will be the number one right back for sure. Hopefully Walcott's shoulder is not too badly hurt as we will need him in the FA and Carling cup games. He is clearly not the finished article despite possessing raw speed. And he needs to work on his physique as he is too easily dispossessed of the ball. Yes the passing game is back and thats bcos West Ham did not close down on our players as quickly as Everton, Portsmouth, Boro and Newcastle. My MOTM is Flamini who was every where and chased down West Ham whenever they were in the attack. My only grouse is we gave away too many corners from which, West Ham could have punished us.

Anonymous said...

I thought Adebayor deserved a bit more credit but other than that I generally agree.


for another opinion

Anonymous said...

Still don't know what some of you bloggers want from Adebayor. Twelve goals this season, wonderful holding and link play, scares defences yet you still only give him grudging praise at best. Today he was one of the best players - the Telegraph made him MOM - yet you rated him below everyone else. The Emirates crowd also love him - do you guys actually watch the same matches as the rest of us?

Wrighty7 said...

Its great to see Eduardo getting amongst the goals. He is starting to settle into the side now and he is confident. He is a fantastic finisher. We have great depth upfront and the players are all different so we can vary our play. Clichy WILL be the best leftback in the world. Jog on cAshley Cole, I hope ur content at Chelski! Cos i'm content ur at Chelski! Ha ha

Wrighty7 said...

Also, Happy New Year 1970's and all the guys at Arsenalanalysis. Hope ur blog continues to be as good in 2008 as it was in 2007. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Agree that Clichy was MOM; he stopped them from doing anything down their right side - I don't think he missed one ball or tackle. Awesome. Agree too that Adebayor should get higher praise. He wraps up defenders all over their back line. His movement off the ball is great and he is a constant threat. A number of top-class defenders say that he is the hardest attacker to defend against - and he showed why that is again today.

Anonymous said...

And still most of the so called pundits and experts fail to recognise the Arsenal as genuine title contender. Our 'youngsters' are developing as the season unfolds.If we can get through the next six weeks without Toure, then we stand a very realistic chance. A Happy new year to one and all

Anonymous said...

We are getting Djourou back, and from rumour, we are having Vela back. Wow... We had a crops of very talented youngster. Anyway, I do agree Adebayor deserved more, though to some extend, I still feel there are a lot more to improve on his part.
His speed is anything but an nightmare to all defender. This is definitely a crucial factor in games even if he dun score. His presence open up space for his teammate to exploit.
Definitely wish to see him improve on his ball control and shots accuracy.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Lanesra. Ade has a lot more in his locker. Needs to improve his shot accuracy and passing.

Anonymous said...

How did Eduardo get a higher rating than Ade?? Ade ran, fought hard, and looked for the ball all game, Eduardo was anonymous after his goal. Ade deserves alot more credit. ALso great performances form Eboue, Rosicky, Flam, and Clichy.

Anonymous said...

Ade was good. I always don't admire his game but was shocked the way he scored. He has good pace. he has that rating bcoz he didn't do what i would have done-make a through pass to eduardo (at one point). It made me think he was greedy, or may be his vision ain't good, despite his height. But he's improving-am impressed. Other guys were fine. Clichy was MOTM

Anonymous said...

my fault about Hleb 70s gooner...after we killed the game off i didn't think there was anyway Arsene would risk Hleb, also stopped paying much attention...

Anonymous said...

The whole team was great apart from a few bad passes from Hoyte and Eboue (Clichy was incredible). no one picks Arsenal to win the league for some strange reason which is good as it will continue to give the team a reason to prove them wrong. This team is a joy to watch and i only see even greater ahead. i only hope that we (us fans) will not change being positive if we play one bad match bcuz i could not believe all the rubbish i read after the DRAW with Portsmouth. Lets stick behind the team to the end, staying postive, seeing our team through the Championship and more the just the league, i believe!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

No problem anon 5.32