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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mputu comes back on trial at Arsenal again as Wenger has second thoughts

By Aries

As first reported on this site Tresor Mputu’s club,TP Mazembe, have been invited by Arsene Wenger himself to London for a series of friendlies, including Arsenal.

Mputu has already finished a ten day trial period at London Colney last November but as yet there are no official news. This is after Wenger himself stated that he was impressed with the player and the player’s agent predicting that the deal was as good as done!

This new “trial” will give Arsene Wenger one last opportunity to have another close look at Tresor Mputu in action against strong opposition in as real a match situation as possible.

TP Mazembe arrived in London last Sunday and have already began using Arsenal’s training ground preparing for their series of friendly games.

Arsene Wenger himself welcomed his guests and told them to feel at home. According to TP Mazembe’s official site Arsene Wenger said to Mputu:

“I hope that this time you really consider yourself as part of the family and I shall again want to see you work as you did last time”.

Interestingly enough Mputu was recommended to Wenger by his long time friend Roland Scheubel whose judgement about potential talent is highly thought of by Wenger.

When Scheubel recommended Wenger look at a young Ivorian, Wenger listened. He needed little convincing to give Kolo Toure his chance and a transfer fee of around £150,000 was soon paid to his club, ASEC Mimosas. The rest is history.

Scheubel has been at London Colney to meet up with Mazembe and Mputu. He is pictured here with Mazembe’s Financial director Salomon Idi.

Arsenal’s friendly against Mazembe is scheduled for today, Thursday 24th January and it provides Mputu with one last opportunity to impress Wenger and make his dream to move to the Premier league a reality.

But he has a host of other clubs interested in his signature inclusive of Standard Liege of Belgium and that is where Mazembe and Mputu will be continuing their series of friendly games after they leave London Colney.


Anonymous said...

we do need a left sided midfielder come forward.

Diaby is not up for it.

In fact we need cover on the right as well.

Anonymous said...

forget about the flanks. leave them to the fullbacks. diaby is a talent. he's just having the 'headless chicken' phase, together with walcott. i say pack the midfield centrally and continue the pass and move on close quarters. opponents are bound to crack.

Anonymous said...

we need wingers real wingers

Anonymous said...

We need Goose and Maverick from Top Gun - those two were great wingmen.

Anonymous said...

another superb article. you keep doing it. respect to your site.
with RVP out for god knows how long and Theo poss going on loan a new striker makes sense. A new winger would also be nice but you cant have everything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words gazzap. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Haha, only 21 people voted Diaby to be sold... In fact 3 of those votes was me from different PC's!!

That means that only 18 other people agreed with me then.

Run the poll now and many more will agree with me.

You should all listen to me more often.

Diaby is poo.

Anonymous said...

Second as far as goals scored and we r dying for width! although maybe we could score more buy yet again we scored two goals from crosses against Fulham. In other words i think we have what it takes in the house though again it can never hurt to stregthan the squad!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the last time arsenal was great was when we have 2 outstanding wingers, pires and freddie... time to get world class wingers...

Anonymous said...

Arsenal Analysis well done for your good workMputu looks a talent and I will be glad if wenger signs him. But of recent am not really impressed with the number of goals scored. Against fulham we had the ability,capacity and possession to score more goals. We have to start scoring goals so that we can cathc up and pass man united on goal difference. I was happy that we didn't concede any goal.

Anonymous said...

no we need left sided midfielder come left sided midfielder

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