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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flamini is undroppable and one of the best players in the League

By Ryan (The Flamster) Hill

Who would have seriously predicted it?

I think I and many other Gooners thought he always had fantastic commitment and work rate, a great attitude and some decent ability but I must admit I didn't think we'd miss him if he left last summer.

SO wrong.

He's not just been amazingly awesome; he's been our most consistent player and hasn't had a single bad game all year.

When he doesn't play the midfield always seems to look weak now. We give away more cheap goals, seem to lack pace and there's no bite.

The best thing about the Flamster is that opposition players are terrified of him. They often give the ball away cheaply just when they hear his foot steps behind them.

And I love nothing more than seeing yet another misplaced pass because someone was shit scared that he was gonna get them any moment.

Not only has he been defensively brilliant this year, but he seems to be much sharper and quicker on the ball and generally a technically more skillful player in general.

His assist was something any winger would be proud of and let's not forget that he's just as good at right AND left back as in Central Midfield. I can't believe what a player he's turning into this year, he's playing like the captain and ruling everything.

There're few things I like more in the world than saying I was well off the mark when it came to predicting a player's potential as not really being good enough for the arse.

Top marks Matty, now sign a f***ing 6 year contract and we can all forget about a Central Midfielder again any time in the next well....6 years.

Ed: This is a comment left on our site which we thought deserved to be published. Thanks to Ryan (The Flamster) Hill for that.

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Anonymous said...

The posting contains what a lot of us Gooners felt about Flamini at the beginning of the season. A player good to have around as a squad member who could fill in adequately ina variety of positions.

How wrong we were!

Anonymous said...

Since Fabregas has dropped off a bit Flamini has stepped up his game. A wonderful player and another gem unearthed by Wenger.

Anonymous said...

Flamini was man of the match not clichy or adebayor or cesc!1 You should have had his name on the rankings

Anonymous said...

Get real anon 6.28 you dont seem to read well do you? The poll said "apart from Flamini" because obviously he WAS man of the match

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my comment as an article, it's nice to have your thoughts given credit.

It's a shame someone like Bentley couldn't have stuck it out like Flamini did. David seems to be far more naturally gifted. I get the impression the reason Matty is so good now is because he works so hard in training. Only this season has he looked so skillful and good on the ball. Imagine where some of our ex players would be now if hey had Mat's attitude...

A lot of talent has gone wasted because people's eyes were bigger than their bellies.

Anonymous said...

My sincere apologies to most gooners i was mistaken abt you...

Anonymous said...

No problem Ryan. Thanks for the article/comment