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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The myths about Adebayor and Bendtner

By 1970’s Gooner

There is a lot of bullshit being published by the newspapers about the Adebayor vs Bendtner “affair”.

Myth number 1: Adebayor head butted Bendtner

Although photographs in the press show the Arsenal players involved in a mild confrontation, the footage of the actual alleged butt itself is difficult to discern.

The video shows captain Gallas stepped in to try to calm matters down before himself being confronted by the angry Bendtner. Juding by the video footage they will have a hard job deciding what happened as it is not clear at all.

Myth number 2: Bendtner had blood on his shirt and a gash on his nose

There is nothing on the TV footage and in any of the photos to indicate that Bendtner has indeed suffered a gash on his nose nor is there any blood on his shirt.

Myth number 3: Adebayor told Bendtner 'I'm only on because you are so s**t'

Yea I can actually confirm that this is indeed what Adebayor said to Bendtner. A Danish friend of mine close to Nicklas and his family actually confirmed to me that this is true!!!

BULLSHIT of course.

And if you believe this then you will believe anything. Where do you think this quote has originated form? In that well respected and trusted daily newspaper called the Sun! Where else? From a source!!

Read what the paper says:

A source said: “The first thing Adebayor said to Bendtner was ‘I’m only on because you are so s**t!’ "He has been on Bendtner’s case for a long time.

“The pair do not get on and it finally boiled over on Tuesday night when Adebayor came on as a sub with the team 4-0 down.

“Bendtner ignored him — but when Adebayor said the same thing again later on, Nicklas gave Manny the finger and it all kicked off.”

What should Arsenal do?

Nothing has been confirmed yet. Yes there has been an altercation but it may be no more than that. Arsenal should wait and see what the FA come up with. If they deem that there should be a punishment then accept it. But only then, not before.

In fact the latest news is that the FA will not take any action! They probably have seen through the myths!

The Sun should be asked to retract that story too.


Anonymous said...

The sun is despicable. This has been blown up out of all proportions just to get to arsenal. The FA have seen through it of course

Anonymous said...

we have all seen nothing to convince us that something went on. its only the papers that fabricate these stories as you say so that they can sell copies.

Anonymous said...

Good news for us. Now we can get on and concentrate on the football and winning the league.

Anonymous said...

This might spur ade on to even grater heights. it may create a positive rection from ade and the rest of the players!

Anonymous said...

Never mind all this rubbish lets deal with Gilberto. A player seriously past his sell by date who is a total liability to the team. Not content with awful performances earlier in the season he surpassed himself on Tuesday .1st goal left Jenas unopposed to move to the edge of the area & shoot. 4th goal watched Lennon run past him & made no attempt to track back. 5th goal missed a simple tackle & allowed the ball to be crossed to be knocked into an empty goal. THIS MAN SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO PLAY FOR THE 1ST TEAM AGAIN HE IS A TOTAL LIABILITY.

Anonymous said...

agree with anon 7.54 about gilberto.he is a real liability. wenger should get rid of him as he cant run cant tackle and gives free kicks in dangerous positions. he is on a huge salary too!

Anonymous said...

I was at the game (in the third row) and it was simmering between the two for a minute or so before Gallas came 'into the picture'.

What I saw was the two seem to have words in the box (it seemed to me as though there was confusion over which should take which run) and then, maybe 30 seconds later they squared up. There was no headbutt, although Ade did seem to catch Bendtner with his hand in a kind of jabbing motion. Seemed to me that he was making a point with his hands, certainly not a punch or anything. That's when it kicked off and Gallas jumped in.

Now I haven't spoken to either player, their parents, friends, window cleaners or paperboys and this is purely conjecture but I think what happened was...

When the last ball was coming over neither wanted to be the diversion so they ran into each other. I reckon they disagreed over who should be playing the lead striker ('I started the game' v 'I'm the leading scorer') and suddenly you've got two big centre forwards standing up for themselves.

Should Arsenal punish them? Damn right in my view. If they're going to get into rucks on the pitch then they should do it with the flaming opponents! Will Arsenal punish them? I think so. In fact I'm sure that they will be punished, and I'm equally certain all Arsenal will ever say about the matter is that it has 'been dealt with internally'.

Anonymous said...

First off, I completely agree on the stuff on Gilberto, he's been lookin no too good lately, and as earlier pointed out played a very big part in conceding several of the goals. Now thats one move i'd like to see happen, but maybe he realized he's over the hill, and just want a short extension to his papers before settling down on some sunny beach back in brazil.

I ran by BBC's site earlier and in their rundown of the incident wit bendtner and adebayor, they do show a closeup of nicklas wit a bruise on his nose... Now i havnt seen any headbutts, and i do love them both as my own bastard offspring, but the whole thing concerns me. Its not the first time ade has seen a ruck on the pitch, and nicklas has been known to get a bit big headed in the past. Idunno. I think Cesc looks a bit tired too... And i miss Kolo... I hope nothing goes wrong. God i want that title this year.

Anonymous said...

we all want the title too!!!

Anonymous said...

In fact the latest news is that the FA will not take any action! They probably have seen through the myths!
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