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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trialist Dimitrov asked to play like Berbatov at London Colney!

By Aries

It seems that Levski’s unofficial web site has a direct line of communication with Arsenal trialist Nicolay Dimitrov.

It is reporting that Dimitrov took part in an hour long session with the senior players at London Colney ahead of their final preparations for the battle ahead of the North London derby.

Apparently due to his knowledge of Tottenham’s Bulgarian forward, Dimitar Berbatov, he was asked to try and play in a similar style during the training session when the Arsenal players practiced their tactics for the match against Tottenham.

It is doubtful however whether this would have added anything new to what the Arsenal defenders do not already know. They have faced Berbatov a few times already in a number of North London derbies but I suppose every little bit helps.

This was Dimitrov’s last day of his trial period at Arsenal and Bulgarian national sports newspaper “Topsport” is reporting that he is very happy with how everything went and feels that he impressed Arsene Wenger and his staff.

“Arsenal’s style of football which is based on technique suits my style well. I hope that the transfer becomes a reality” he said.

Arsene Wenger is expected to make a decision on Dimitrov in early January. He still has to decide on recent trialist Tresor Mputu who has finished a ten day trial with Arsenal at the end of November.

Carlos Vela the 18 year old Mexican wonder kid on loan to Spanish side Osasuna is due to return to Arsenal when he gets a Spanish passport and Arsene Wenger has to take this into consideration when he decides who to keep.

Remember he shipped another trialist, Honduran Wilson Palacios, to Birmingham in the summer saying that Arsenal had too many midfielders.


Anonymous said...

where do u get this info ? do u just make it up

Anonymous said...

He just alluded to the fact that he got the information off the Levski website.

Pay attention instead of asking stupid questions dipshit.

Anonymous said...

This to me smells of bull. I believed it at first, but events since suggest it's one big wind-up, along the same lines as the Rodrigo Palacio non-story. Go to the official Levski site

and there is NOTHING about it. The Levski site linked to before, which ended in .eu is ONLY in english, funny that a Bulgarian team should not have it's official website in their native tongue?????

»»Arsene Knows««

Anonymous said...

I am Bulgarian and I can assure you this is no wind up because Dimitrov has actually just returned from England after his trial at Arsenal. It is in the papers here.

Also the article states that the info is from the unofficial site of Levski.


Anonymous said...

Why does the owner of this site so often choose strange players as contenders to choose as man of the match? You have the option of Bendtner who yes scored but touched the ball like twice and missed out by far our best players on the day- Gallas and Toure.
Let's also not forget Tommy who was our only attacking midfielder who actually had a particularly good game of the three. Then Fabregas is an option. Look I know he did that great assist and crossed well for the second but he didn't do a great deal else right all day. Tommy was excellent and it was a shame that those around him didn't always supply him well when he was in space.

Kimmono said...

Google is an amazing thing:

Anonymous said...

No sources as usual. Rubbish site. There's always an 'anonymous' Bulgarian confirming your tripe.

Post some sources for a change. Stop bothering everyone with your hit-hunting on NewsNow.

Anonymous said...

If what ur posting is true do u thnk tha boss will sign MR. Dimitrov in within the next month? An from ur sources who seems to be tha most likely to become between tresor mputu or nickolay dimitrov

Anonymous said...

To anon 8.45

from an interview today given by Dimitrov to Gong magazine in Bulgaria he states that he thinks he will get the nod from Wenger. Hw may well be right but we have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

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