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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wenger thinks very highly of Benzema

By Aries

You may remember when we last reported that Arsene Wenger was appointed Castrol Ambassador for Euro 2008.

He has recently in this capacity been speaking to Eurosport assessing each team’s chances for glory in the Euro 2008 championships next summer.

He has pinpointed Karim Benzema, the Lyon striker, as the player that could make a big impact saying that he could be “an immense revelation”. He also showed that he knew a lot about the player’s performance statistics:

“I think Benzema could emerge as a big surprise. He is 20-years-old, in France he scored 11 goals in 10 games and he has fantastic efficiency”.

"But he is also a good link player, he is not only a goalscorer, and I believe he could be an immense revelation at the European Championship."

He obviously looks like a typical Wenger player who has the technique and flexibility to play in more than one position.

Benzema along with fellow Lyon player Hatem Ben Arfa have been coveted by a host of European clubs ever since they burst into Lyon’s first team.

Arsenal were reported to have sent scouts to watch Benzema last October when he scored against Lyon’s victory over Monaco.

Wenger, if he is interested in bidding for the player in the transfer window, is likely to face competition from Milan, Inter and Juventus, who have also been tracking Benzema.

However Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has said the Benzema and Arfa are going nowhere.

"It is out of the question that they are leaving us," he said last month.

However Michael Essien, Mahamadou Diarra, Florent Malouda and Eric Abidal all left Lyon after similar comments from Aulas!

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Anonymous said...

we wont be needed as another striker because we have too many. We are looking to sign Mputu and that will be enough. Benzema would cost at least 12million and he might like Arsenal's french atmosphere. The way i see it we will be needing a defender. Getting a defender like samba on loan would be great. Robin is coming back and eduardo is always available. Benzema is intelligent and he can be the next thierry henry! I wont recall djourou if i was Wenger because he makes too many silly mistakes. Try to get someone like puyol on loan to cover up the defence

Anonymous said...

puyol on loan? HAHAHAHHAHAHA


Anonymous said...

lol puyol! are u on some wcky backy or something.
benzema would be a fantastic buy but not in the middle of the season and hes already CL cup tied. if he has a good EC in the summer then his value will sky rocket.
mputu looks a more likely purchase. i am now having doubts over eduardo and his ability to adapt to the PL and our style. i am not doubting his playing ability but his suitability for Arsenal. i so wanted Wenger to buy Anelka in the summer now hes going to the chavs.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if Arsenal apologized for pinching Cesc Fabregas and asked nicely to take Puyol on a 6 month loan deal, Barcelona would oblige. After all, they always have Oleguer to fall back on.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck would Barca loan out Puyol? He's their best defender. They won't say "bah Arsenal need a centre back for 6 weeks, let's be friendly and give them what we have.'.

That's just utterly ridiculous.

We don't need more strikers. RvP, Ade, Eddie, Bendtner, Walcott, Rui Fonte, Vela is more than enough already. We'll probably be getting Mputu and with more it just becomes a joke. Most of the time we're only playing 1 up front and people want us to have every good striker in Europe. It's both a no-brainer and negative for those players we already have (unless some are sold).

Also how can someone say Eddie might not be able to adapt to Arsenal? The reason he hasn't looked that good yet is become for some reason Wenger's putting him on the wing. He's a goal poacher, not a winger and you can't expect miracles from him. If you put Van Nistelrooy on the left wing would he be any good? Quite probably not much.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

We should get a good strong defender like gonzalo rodriguez from villareal

Anonymous said...

did anyone remember hleb took almost 3 years to come good? how about rvp 3 years ago?

with eduardo's international form (being excellent), he couldn't/ shouldn't be bundled in with the like of baptista etc; he's not adapted as yet; needs to bulk up, improve pace and he'd be another shark for arsenal

Anonymous said...

Eduardo looks like a complete lightweight to me. He's got the technique, finishing and all that but it looks to me that he is far away from being strong enough! It was so visible when we played against Newcastle. Is he strong enough for the English game?

Wrighty7 said...

Eduardo will come good, just give him time. The reason Wenger is playing him on the left is help him adapt to the league, its different to Croatian football! I think he is a very clever player and he takes up brilliant goal scoring positions and he is a great finisher. In the past it has taken many players time to adapt, he will be a good player for Arsenal!

Wrighty7 said...

Eduardo will come good, just give him time. The reason Wenger is playing him on the left is help him adapt to the league, its different to Croatian football! I think he is a very clever player and he takes up brilliant goal scoring positions and he is a great finisher. In the past it has taken many players time to adapt, he will be a good player for Arsenal!

Anonymous said...

Benzema is going to be great, he is the only striker that I would want to sign right now. He can play on the wing too. Either way the kid scores goals. The thing is I don't want to dump a striker for him but if somebody leave, he's the perfect guy.

Anonymous said...

Benzema will be at OL for a long time if he wants to win the CL with them. He's just not ready to leave Lyon at the moment. That could change if Arsenal open the coffers a little bit(usmanov and kroenke are you guys awake). As David Dein knows, if you never spend cash you're gonna be trash.

Anonymous said...

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