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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wenger’s interview technique impresses Bulgarian trialist Dimitrov

By Aries

As recently reported on this site Bulgarian trialist Nicolay Dimitrov arrived in London Colney last Monday to start his week long trial with Arsenal clutching an English dictionary.

Apparently his knowledge of English couldn't have been that bad as it is reported that he had a meeting with Arsene Wenger before proceeding to take the field for training at London Colney. Present were his agent and an Arsenal representative.

Dimitrov was impressed with Wenger’s questioning which required him to make a self assessment.

“Which are your strongest qualities?” Wenger asked him and when he answered Wenger asked him to describe what he thought were his weakest points and the areas of the pitch he is comfortable to play in.

Wenger also advised him to relax and try and produce his best on the pitch.

On his part Arsene Wenger was impressed with Dimitrov’s English: “I see your English is quite good” he said.

Wenger revealed to Dimitrov that he caught his eye watching the video of Bulgaria’s recent defeat to England for the Under 21’s.

As we recently reported Dimitrov has already undergone a two hour fitness test session at London Colney which he passed with flying colours and then took part and scored in a training game arranged so that he could be assessed under match conditions.

Wenger has still to make a decision on Tresor Mputu who has finished his trial two weeks ago. It seems that he may be delaying so that he can also assess Dimitrov.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information. Currently, you're the only link on newsnow for info on the Bulgarian

Anonymous said...

Happy to oblige mate!

Anonymous said...

Hey, how tha hell are you gettin all tha info dude

kr3t3n said...

Hi, I'm bulgarian and I'm aware of Dimitrov's abilities. Regrettably, I'm a "red devils" fan but what can I do :) I would be very happy for Niki if Arsenal signs him. Dimitrov and Valeri Domovchiiski are the hottest talents of Levski Sofia right now. As our media say, Domovchiiski is currently negotiated by the boards of Levski and Blackburn. As you can see bulgarian footballers adapt easily to the Premierleague. For example Stilian Petrov, Martin Petrov, Berbatov, Kishishev, Svetoslav Todorov and Valeri Bojinov (expect much from him after he has fully recovered from his injury, he is truly our greatest talant these years!
I just hope Wenger likes Dimitrov and signs him, but don't be fooled like some gunnerfans, he WILL NOT play in competitive matches at least for a year, mark my word! He is too young and does not have the mentality for the premiership and champions league games.

Anonymous said...

This blog is attrocious. Where are your sources? As far as we all know, you're making this all up.

Start posting sources, or stop posting altogether.

Anonymous said...

if you are getting this stuff direct from the training ground just say so. you dont need to name names if you dont want to, but say as much as you can about where you get the info from, otherwise people are very sceptical. cheers anyway.