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Monday, January 28, 2008

Arsenal holding talks with Woodgate at lunchtime today as Spurs are livid

By Aries

As you all may be aware Arsenal have made an 11th hour bid for Jonathan Woodgate.

Apparently an Arsenal official rang Keith Lamb, Boro’s chief executive and asked him if it was too late to make a bid for Woodgate by matching Spurs offer!

According to The Northern Echo Lamb then disclosed this bid to Spurs sporting director Damien Comolli, who was once working for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. He and the rest of his colleagues at Tottenham were livid!

Arsenal are prepared to match Spurs offer of an 8m pounds transfer fee and a three and a half year deal for Woodgate with wages of 60.000 pounds per week. The player is reported to be heading for talks this lunch time with Arsene Wenger and his team.

"We agreed a fee with Tottenham, Newcastle and another club but we left it up to Jonathan, he could stay or go." Lamb said to TalkSport.

This follows reports in the press recently linking Arsenal with another centre back Everton’s Jeolean Lescott whom I would consider as more viable alternative than Woodgate.

I have followed Lescott’s rise to football “stardom” when he first appeared for Wolves as an 18 year old and I always thought that he was good enough to play for Arsenal.

Woodgate on the other hand although a very good center back happens to very injury prone as his record with Leeds, Real Madrid and Middlesbrough clearly shows.

However I remember having similar feelings when Arsene Wenger signed a winger called Overmars who was very injury prone and had not played competitive football for a long time.

Everyone was raising their eyebrows but he turned out to be one of Wenger’s most successful signings.

Arsene knows as they say…..

This 11th hour move for Woodgate however must be probably connected with bad news about Toure who was stretchered off the Ivory Coast’s game against Benin two days ago. I hope it is not of course.


Arsenal have reported that they are not interested in signing Woodgate nor did they approach Boro with an offer.You can read up about it at

Also to those who seem to believe that this article on Arsenal Analysis is a fabrication: The iformation used for this article as the post mentions is the newspaper "Northern Echo" and you can read the relevant article here.


Anonymous said...

I agree Lescott would be a better option, but ain't he Euro cup-tied?
Woody, despite being a convicted racist attacker, aint got much of Euro action with Boro

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we have a spare place on the treatment table since TH14 left so Woodgate should fit in rather nicely at Ashburton Grove!!!

Anonymous said...

We were tracking Lescott at Wolves.

Arsene decided not to take the risk after his injury. - What a mistake.

Carl Zeto said...

of course, we should rush and sign him rapidly .. we need the cover. We all have been screaming for CB cover since early season, so this is great news indeed.

Unlike most of you, I actually think woody is a better option than lescott .. he is a much better defender, and his being injured from time to time may actually be a good thing as it would ease unrest in CB ..

If we are to make a decent charge on all fronts, we need solidity in defence more than can be offered by senderos/song/djourou .. in fact, we should sell djourou and perhaps senderos after buying woody ...

fingers crossed that it actually comes to fruition ..

Anonymous said...

I happen to think that woody on his say is a better defender than Lescott. but Woody is 28 and injury prone so £8m is a fair whack and £60,000 per week is also a fair whack. But we need a centre back if we are to challenge on all fronts. he just needs to keep himself fit.
also is annoys the hell out of spurs!

Anonymous said...

Woodgate is a very good player but I don't advice arsenal to buy him. He is Mr. Injury and will never deliver to arsenal. Try to reflect back and calculate the time(in percentage) he spent playing for Madrid, Boro and Newcastle.

Anonymous said...

can see that it will happen,probably the other club may not be us.however if it true than it will be a good signing for us.i rather woodgate as centre back rather than sanderos who should be sold.

Anonymous said...

Lescott isnt a good enough footballer to play for Arsenal. He cant pass and has little or no awareness of whats going on around him. He is a good premiership defender but no more than that. Another Upson.

Woodgate is injury prone but when he is fit, he is a rolls royce of a centre back. An excellent defender as well as a footballer. My only worry is the language barrier-how quickly can he learn French!

Rob Watson said...

Even a s a gooner, I think Woodgate may choose the Totti. As soon as Toure is fit, he'll be third-choice, whereas at Spurs he'll be captain within a week!

Anonymous said...

Woodgate is a very good player but I don't advice arsenal to buy him. He is Mr. Injury and will never deliver to arsenal. Try to reflect back and calculate the time(in percentage) he spent playing for Madrid, Boro and Newcastle.

Anonymous said...


More Bollocks From Arsenal Analysis

Anonymous said...

Bollocks to you anon 2.32. The guy is only reporting what the Northern Echo has been reporting today. So get lost and don't come back to this site again if you don't fancy it.

Anonymous said...

This was the only site suggesting a lunchtime meeting was going on, which was maybe just a headline to get people to click-in.

Some of stuff regarding the recent trailists seemed good information at the time but this sort of story also discredits anything else you have posted.

Anonymous said...

No it is not accurate. End of story.

The press really are capable to create a story out of nothing. A rare ability I want to possess.

Anonymous said...

I am from the north and the lunch time meeting was actually reported by the Northern Echo as the post says.

Anonymous said...

Its a bit strong to condemn the blog just because they carried a report that was lifted from a newspaper and infact was covered both by Talksport and Radio 5 Live !!

By its very nature it was a "transfer rumour" and thats exactly what we get during the window "rumours" So far ive heard henry is coming back - Messi - Kaka just to name 3 - Get a life and just enjoy being linked with all and sundry!! I remember being inshock when we were first linked with Denis Bergkamp and that one came true!!!

Anonymous said...

At least this blog did not erase the post on Woodgate like Myles Palmer on Arsenal News Review has !

if you click on his story (at Newsnow) on the Woodgate saga you will see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

What was that all about then. I was starting to take your site seriously.

I am happy we didnt go for Woodgate but we need a centre back in the summer no doubt.

We have Goufrann and Vela coming next season and all we need to focus on is signing a CB who could play with Toure or Gallas. Someone like Albiol of Valencia or Da Costa of PSV

Anonymous said...

He has turned down the Goons and opted for the team that recently smashed them 5-1.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show how clueless Spurs are, paying £8m for a player who has been injured virtually his whole career. Woodgate is also getting older, so that situation is hardly likely to improve. Wenger would never buy a crock like Woodgate, he prefers pace and power.

Anonymous said...

buy richards

Anonymous said...

Just a day later and this tripe has been proved to be complete bollocks. The other club was Villa not the Arse, so not only is your story of a hijack untrue but you don't even get the main parties right. What a fantastic service you provide!!

Anonymous said...