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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Player analysis and ratings Vs Newcastle. Adebayor hot on the double

By 1970’s Gooner

Adebayor is on a hot streak. He keeps scoring and once you get into the habit it gets easier and easier as the confidence level soars. I think he might be forgiven for the spat with Bendtner at Spurs last Tuesday. 9

Walcott was almost as anonymous as the origin of a lot of the comments left on this site! He started in the middle but as in last Tuesday’s game he couldn’t keep the ball and the Arsenal attacks kept breaking down. And in football as we know all the parts of the jig saw have to be in place for the team to be able to perform at its top best.

It wasn’t till the unfortunate Rosicky got injured and replaced by the impressive Eduardo that Walcott’s incompetence on the day was displaced in other less central areas of the pitch. 5

Eduardo is really coming on at a much faster pace than one could have anticipated. They say it takes 6 months to a year for a non British player to acclimatize to the football in the premiership. He is doing it at double the pace.

You might wonder why I am eulogizing so much about Eduardo when clearly Adebayor run the show in attack. The answer is that Robin Van Persie is out with an injury which we don’t know how long will take to clear. They got it wrong the last time he came back so this time they might take their time about it. He will also need time to get back to full fitness.

It is gods send that Eduardo therefore has been scoring goals and has began contributing so well to the cause. 8

A very well deserved praise must also go to Senderos. He was faultless both in the air and on the ground.

He seems to me to be a type of player that needs a run of games to get into his stride. He was better with his distribution too.

He is another important squad player that will be really needed now that Toure’s injury at the ANC might sideline him longer than the actual tournament would have. 8

Hoyte is another player that I think needs a run of games to find his feet. He made up for his inept performance at White Hart Lane. He covered well defensively and also went forward. 8

Lehmann looked assured under the goalposts. He didn’t have too much to do but what he did he did well. His decision to stay until the end of the year is another godsend for Arsenal as Fabiansky’s performance the other night left a lot of doubts for me. 8

Gallas was again steady and strong. He is also guiding the young guns in defence next to him especially Senderos who seems to play well when he is next to an experienced old head. Remember Senderos’s mistakes against Tottenham were made playing against another youngster Djourou (and vice versa of course). 8

Clichy is a young gun but he keeps putting in performances like a wise head. I keep eulogizing about him every week but I can’t help it. Strong and wily in defence and powerful going forward. Is there anyone out there that agrees with me? 9

Another factor that was missing at Tottenham was the fighting spirit and protection given to the defence by Flamini.

The difference was so obvious. He not only runs a lot of miles he is also very tenacious and along with Fabregas fight like hell to win the ball back when it is lost. 8

Fabregas is returning back to form but he is not quite there yet. He was much better in he second half when he started spraying the ball around as well as only he knows how. 8

Finally Diaby was again too slow on the ball often choosing to hold on to it rather than make the obvious pass. However he was doing it a lot less than of late and as a result he was more of a team player than before. There is no doubt this boy is a very good player and when he is given his chance in the middle of the pitch he will be a revelation. 6.5

The most pleasing of all is that the team is back to winning ways. It was very important to bounce back after that drubbing at Spurs.

Man of the Match: Adebayor


jg said...

Agree with your comments about Eduardo. It could easily have been him who scored the two -- Ade's second was great, but the pass for Eddy was there too. Thought Flamini was superb as well. When we attack the ball defensively we're a different team and Flamini leads that charge.

Anonymous said...

Diaby was poor but he was on the same level as Cesc.

Poor passing all match long, either too much pace or not enough.

Your rating of Walcott was very very harsh. He deserved at least a 6.

Anonymous said...

You are harsh on Theo. Thought he had a good second half. He needs a run of games to get into rhythm

My man of the match today was Flamini. He is running the midfield extremely well. I hope Wenger holds him at gunpoint and makes him sign a contract.
Flamini has proved that patience is always rewarded by Wenger.

Anonymous said...

A good response to Tuesday's critiscms, even it was a different line up I think we were lacking a little confidence with our normal slick passing recently although it was in evidence thru the quality of some of the passing sequences against Fulham. Any way today was a good test Newcastle obviously wanted it and put us to the test although we controlled large parts of the game they were a threat. Cesc wasn't quite on it but I can see it's coming back, Flamini was superb with a particular mention to Senderos, Ade and Eduardo but most all Clichy. What a player I can't see how he does it I keep getting scared he's going to go on one run to many or one interception to many and get caught but he just keeps on doing, fearless. Anyway time to watch Vela and dream ...

Anonymous said...

Ade's second goal was superb, I was sat right in perfect view of it. Cesc sprayed the ball around and he seems 2 or 3 passes ahead of the play all the time. He is so clever. Flamini worked his socks off again and speeds up our play. And ur right in ur praise of Clichy 1970's, he is superb week in week out and is fast becoming one of the best left backs in the game.

Anonymous said...

ayo wsup dawg its kobe b
i think you DEFINITELY underated diaby and walcott

altho diaby is tall, he's very skillful and uses the ball wall. His shot in the first half impressed me as well. he deserved a 7.5

theo is 18 for gods sake. if his performance is the same when he gets to 20, then he deserves a 5. he deserved a 6.5

Anonymous said...

Extremely high ratings considering I heard we didn't play all that well for the majority of the game. I'm not saying they're wrong, but after hearing that we were quite poor for the first half and weren't amazing in the second half a team full of 8s and above does seem somewhat unrealistic. But hey, all I can go on is what I heard on the radio which I know isn't great and what little I'll see on MotD.

1970s shouldn't have an apostrophe. I'm not entirely sure why anyone thinks it should.

Anonymous said...

Best team performannce of the year. You have been far too harsh on Theo, yes poor first half but played very well in the second. Theo 6.5. My MoM is Clichy, his goal line save was a match turning moment. 0-1 down who knows what the result would have been. His runs are amazing! Ade was just behind him with his two goals.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10.15 don't believe all you hear. I was at the game and although we played a little too cagily in the first half, second half we were by far and away the better team.

Walcott and Diaby were not that bad. They had some good moments. Theo hardly lost the ball and there was a lot more purpose to his game. Yes, Diaby does still hold the ball too long at times, but he was more purposeful in his runs, tracked backed and worked better with Clichy.

Clichy was fantastic as usual, Flamini was great, Cesc is getting there and worked really hard today. Eduardo was good - he works so hard and deserved a goal. Hopefully he'll get one on Tuesday. I wouldn't criticize anyone, they all worked hard for the result.

Anonymous said...

theo second half was actually pretty good. he could have passed for a premiershop footballer! I was pleased to see him improve.
otherwise I agree with your ratings.
second half was the best half we have had for a long while.

Anonymous said...

't believe this! Diaby had a great game, fighting, running, passing around, and had an influence on the game at the most difficult time - when Newcastle still had somethign to put into the game.

Eduardo had something to do with all three goals: He could have scored the first, he did a body check on one of the Newcastle defenders to help Ade run through, and the third he bugged Butt to make an own goal.

Today is just as much Edus game as Ades.

Anonymous said...

Man of the match Flamini excellent.Thought Theo did very well after a slow start deserves at least a 7.Diaby has potential but needs to learn when to release the ball did much better defensively.I also thought Hoyte and Senderos were very solid.Clichy had a gret game and has added an attacking threat to his game.

Anonymous said...

Walcoot deserved maybe a 6 or a 7 coz he played much better than his last two games maybe he knew everybody was on his case and needed a steady perfomance which i think he did that!
Eduardo played really well and Flamini was his usual self. Big improvement on Senderos

Anonymous said...

I decided to concetrate on the FLAMSTER yesterday, as his role is such that he can easily be overlooked.

FLAMINI was absolutely excellent and my man of the match by a distance.

I am now convinced that when we don't play well it has a lot to do with Flamini being absent.

Eduardo is coming on so fast and is a great player - it was almost like watching a young Keegan.

Well done Ade, god reply to the critics and Wenger - for God sake put Gilberto out to grass please - he's been a great servant to Arsenal but it's gone. Time to play in a slower league or retire me thinks.

Anonymous said...

lacklustre first half and rarely got into the free-flowing football we know and love.

yet u seem to think that apart from theo and diaby the team played brilliantly.

U gotta sort out those stats man - there a tad generous

Anonymous said...

I disagree to a point Pod..

I don't think the performance was brilliant, but I thought it was good. There were a few weak links yesterday and I think every player has to be playing well for our free-flowing football to work properly.

Newcastle played very energetically in the first half and closed us down well, as many other teams have done successfully. This means that the man on the ball has fewer options and we often end up losing it.

As many teams have found though, keeping up the level of energy needed to stop us for the full 90 minutes is almost impossible. That's why we score the majority of our goals at the end of games.

Credit where credit's due - But for some last ditch defending and a good keeper, it could have been a lot more at the end.

We need to support our team through thick and thin. I don't know how old you are Pod, but if you were about in the 70s and 80s, you'd have thought yesterday's performance was superb. I take my hat off to the bare-chested supporter in the CC semi, who stayed till the end cheering a team that was down 5 - 1. Nice one mate - hopefully someone will identify you and give you the supporter-of-the-year prize!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cesc is finally getting back to top form. I think this game he had the biggest influence on the game since his injury. I dont think I need to say anything about Clichy, sad that Rosicky couldnt play the whole game.

Anonymous said...

completly disagree with your rating for walcott.. i thought he actually had quite a good game. at least a 6 or 6.5 at most.

Agree with your comments about eduardo... he really impressed me yesterday.

Also didnt think diaby was that bad... yes he cud have passed more but he still impressed me. Also taking into consideration that he has been poor recently. atleast a 7.

Agree with your comments about everyone else... espicially clichy! what a player he is!

Anonymous said...

I thought Diaby and Walcott were much better than you gave them credit for and I thought Flamini was world-class yesterday. Fabregas probably only deserved a 7though

Anonymous said...

Clichy is superb and has been consistant all season. Eduardo is class and needs to be in the team as first choice. Theo had a good 2nd half and needs support not negativity. Still think he needs to play wide as he's too lightweight down the middle just yet. Diaby needs to learn how to cross if he's going to play wide. Everytime he slowed everything down and seems always to pass backwards.
The early season fluency is still not back and that worries me. Cesc has been off for a few weeks and so reflects the team.