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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spurs look to Wembley in Mickey Mouse Cup, Arsenal to the title and beyond

By 1970’s Gooner

It shows how big a gulf there is between Spurs and Arsenal when Wenger fields his B team throughout a competition which has been jokingly named the Mickey Mouse Cup while Spurs played their first eleven throughout.

They even rested their key players for this semi final second leg so that they could be ready to battle it out against a bunch of kids!

Arsenal’s B team reached the final last year losing narrowly against another first eleven, those of Chelsea! This year they steamrolled teams like Newcastle and Blackburn and battled hard to get a draw in the first leg of this semifinal.

Yet Spurs celebrated like kids last night as though they had won the Champions League, the Premier League and FA Cup. They seem to forget that it was mostly kids they were playing against.

Granted they played very well but as I said in my preview of this game, on many occasions in football you play as well as the other team let you. And Arsenal’s kids were not at their best last night.

Shocking performances from Walcott and Diaby coupled with goalkeeping errors at crucial points in the game proved too much for the young guns. Still this is why Wenger bloods them in at the deep end.

This experience will stand them in good stead for years to come as they take up the mantle of keeping Arsenal at the top of English and European football which is where Arsenal are destined to arrive.

The same cannot be said of Tottenham however who may have to make do with fourth rate Mickey Mouse Cups.


Anonymous said...

Stupid Arsenal analysist, You should alwayz accept defeat because Tottenham was againist firts team{TEAm A} for arsenal, the likes of ur so called play makers, Hleb,farbregas,Adeboyoooz,Gallas, so just say it was embarrasing and humilaiting to be hammered 5-1.[Don't pretend}remember it was the only cup Arsenal was supposed to take this season, so now ur going empty handed in may.Morrish Anderson Uganda-Makerere University

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about that??

when adebayor came in things changed immediately. Bendtner's "2." goal was a once in a decade own goal. Buy why bother. Chelski will stomp you with 2 og 3 goals margin in the final. you won't even make it to the top 6 (remeber what you all said before the season began!?) and you got your first win against us since 1999. GREAT! so let's not get started on who's gonna a have a better season in the end.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 70's Gooner. Wenger throws the kids in so that they get an education they will never get in reserve games such as the one we saw at Birmingham the other night.

Wenger is building for the future and that's why arsenal will be a top team for years to come while other teams like spurs, chelsea and manure always have to pay through the nose to come up with a decent team!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal will finish THIRD in the Premiership and will not win anything else either.

You will fade like you always do.

Stealing kids from other club's youth squads won't get you a winning team either.

Anonymous said...

who's the best team in north london then?

Anonymous said...

fabianski was awful

Anonymous said...

I vote walcott and diaby as the worst arsenal players last night

Anonymous said...

Totally agree 1970's. And Arsenal have bigger things too concentate on. Not the Fizzy pop Cup. We will bounce back from this and go another 21 games unbeaten against the scum.

Anonymous said...

the best team in north london??

You couldn't win against us for 8 years, and after your first victory you ask who is the best club in north london? sit down at think about it you prick.